Hori ex 2 arcade stick help


I just got it and I love it is really easy to pull of moves. However, I am having a hard time trying to pull off double quarter circle moves for specials in SF3. Any help or tips would be nice.


Practice, practice and practice some more. Sorry, but thats what any advice on this topic will boil down to.


all you gotta you is try harder and take your time master to the motions and your hard work will pay off


I have the same problem. There’s 2 solutions:

  1. Keep practicing. Eventually, you’ll develop the technique to pull it off.

  2. Get a Sanwa Octogonal gate. I have a similar problem and it’s because I am not used to the square feel of Japanese sticks. On the good side, the octogonal gate will solve the problem of the stick getting caught in the corner when trying to pull fast double quarter circle motions. On the negative side, it doesn’t affect the engage, but it increases the throw. It really is a matter of preference. I prefer the octogonal gate for now. If you can, try it out. The gate will require some holes drilled in it, but it’s a very easy mod.


Ok going to practice. I bet it is getting caught. Thanks for the info.


Before the usual wave of Octagonal Gate hate, I just want to say that the Octagonal Gate, if you choose to get one, is best used as training wheels for the Square Gate. Get used to the feel of a Japanese stick with the Octagonal Gate and then switch back to the Square Gate.


try to do the moves unforcefully and in control… what i mean is… softly… and dont force your move to much! and dont overdo motions


Where is a good place to buy different gates? Also is it easy to change them? I really don’t want to mess up my new stick. Also I been using a 360 controller, so would a circle gate be good?


LizardLick or Akihabara shop are your best places, both come highly reccomended. The Circle Gate is only for the JLW so I’m not sure if it will work with the ex-2 but the Octagon and Square Gate will work just fine.

This thread has plenty of info with regards to modding: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=140160


Changing it seems really easy just open it and unscrew the bottom part of the joystick thing. I figured out what is needed to do. I got an octagonal sanwa gate. Looks easy to mod. Not so sure about this drilling thing, but I can probably figure it out. Thanks you all of your help.


hey there, i just got my Hori EX2 and it does not respond to any button presses, and players 1 and 4 are lit up around the guide button. am i supposed to prep it somehow, it didnt come with instructions and i cant find a copy of them online. any help?