Hori EX 2 art mod request

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to the forums here, so if I’m posting this in the wrong section please let me know and I’ll make amendments.

Well I decided to cash in for a Hori EX2 stick before SF4’s release here in Europe, and ordered a few Sanwa parts to go with it. The mod I reckon I can handle with some assistance, but the artwork is another story, since I’m relatively useless with scissors in hand.

I was wondering if anyone more experienced would be able to do the job in my stead (print, lami-label and cut to template), and deliver. Quote a price and I’ll let you know if I’m willing.

Here’s a preview of the artwork I’m wanting to print (it’s an attempt at replicating the look of the Versus City cabinet control panels).


Thanks in advance guys!