Hori Ex 2 Giving Me Problems. Please Help

Hello guys. I purchased a Hori EX 2 just in time for Christmas. While I heard reports of the buttons not working after a while for some, overall the reviews were solid so I gave a shot.

Boy, I think I regret that.

Here’s a pic of the stick for those unfamiliar.


As soon as a month after I got the controller, the X button(blue) began acting up. When I’d press the button once, it’d act as if I pressed it twice. When I played Soul Calibur 4 this basically meant if I tried to do B by itself with a character, if they had a BB combo they would do that instead. With a frustrated pound to the button, it began to work better. Everyone now and then this would happen again and I had to hit the button hard again.

Now, I am having a similar problem with my LT button. When playing SF4 I find that the button simply does not register my attack when I press the button. I sometimes have to press it really hard or really soft. It’s random. It’s frustrating. With a pound of my fist I can sometimes get it work, but I know this isn’t going to help me in the long run.

To make a long story short, I reallllllllllllllly REALLY don’t want to buy another stick. I know the Hori EX2 isn’t the best stick around, but when it was working well it did everything I wanted it to do. I don’t want to shell out 80 to 250 dollars to get another stick. Is there anything I can do the salvage this stick? I have a screwdriver, so with some help perhaps I can unscrew it and figure out what’s going on internally.

Thanks for reading. I really hope someone can help.

You’re from 2003 and you have no idea how to search this board? If you go to the EX2 modding thread, you will be able to see the innards of this stick. You should probably mod this stick, if you want it to play well. It’s stock parts are clearly wearing out.

May have signed up in 2003 but my post count is probably below 10. I just recently began signing in due to SF4.

I typed Hori and got no results in the search. Also typed EX 2. Maybe I did something wrong.

Search “Hori EX2” and first thread you get:

Oh and of course you don’t get any results if you just typed “Hori,” that’s way too broad.