Hori EX 2 Picture Mod

Hi SRK, I just made the switch to an arcade stick and I’am trying to change the background picture on my plain Hori EX2. Is there a site where I can create a template or where I can download them from? Im new to the whole modding scene and I’d greatly appreciate any help as to where I can do this. :slight_smile:


Oh and how can I put my own picture onto the template? I feel so dumb :frowning:


do you have a link for the photoshop as well? :slight_smile:

http://www.photoshop.com/ is where it is at.

Can use free trial if you want to try it, but it isn’t free.

You also know that you’re going to have to temporarily remove the buttons to apply the art right?
These buttons are soldered on and are not friendly.

Yea I opened it up and saw how it was all attached to the faceplate, I can already imagine it’s pretty difficult to remove the buttons. :frowning: Though I really want to do this. :slight_smile: I have the trial version of photoshop now, but I’am so lost and do not know where to start or as to how I get the template on to the picture. Suggestions anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

To remove buttons, you need a soldering iron, and a desoldering instrument. There are copper desoldering braid, desoldering pumps, and solder suckers. Get a higher wattage iron, simply because, they use Lead Free solder, which has a higher melting point than leaded solders. You’re also going to need solder to connect the buttons back afterwards. You may want to get some stranded wire to attach them back on. Wire is optional, though, but get stranded, not solid core. RadioShack seems to push solid core a lot. Just get the smallest sixe you can find in stranded, probably will be 22 gauge AWG. Don’t need wire, but it may make your life easier later, especially if you want to replace the buttons with new ones for different colors or because you want Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons.

If using pump or solder sucker, heat up the metallic joints beneath each button, and then suck away the hot, melted solder to remove it. Repeat with all buttons. PCB will look like this once you remove all the solder from them:


Remove buttons by pushing them out, and you may need to employ a small flathead screwdriver to do so.

You also will have to remove the joystick, but you can just unscrew it for the sake of putting the artwork on. You will have to remove the balltop, though, Use a flathead screwdriver to insert it into the bottom of the shaft, and unscrew the balltop, then remove the C-Clip to take off the shaft. This picture should help:


Once the buttons are out, remove old artwork, replace with your artwork. Cut holes for them, and put them back in. However, if you want to replace with real arcade pushbuttons (Sanwa/Seimitsu), then you’ll have to grind out some space for the new buttons, because the holes aren’t quite large enough for Sanwa/Seimitsu. Or you can keep stock buttons, then no need to mod case.

Can also look at the first few steps of this guide for how to swap just the art, http://pineconeattack.com/2008/12/07/how-to-mod-the-hori-fighting-stick-ex2-with-authentic-arcade-parts-xbox-360-version/

Once done, you will have to solder back the old buttons to where you removed them from. If using the stock buttons, you don’t need to use wire. Simply attach the old PCB back to where the buttons were, and solder them back on. How to do? You melt some solder over the spot you want them to be soldered to, then it should flow into place if you do right. May need flux to flow better. I highly recommend this YouTube video for learning the fundamentals of soldering, specifically, for arcade sticks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX1dZIC0Gp0

If using Sanwa/Seimitsu Buttons, then you need wire. This is easiest explained with these pictures:




Though, he uses solid core in that guide, which isn’t cool. And he solders wire to the buttons, which is also not cool. Cool way is to crimp on Quick Disconnects, but that requires more tools and things, and most people don’t want to spend that much.

But remember, if you want to replace buttons, you’re going to need a dremel or something to grind out the button holes to be bigger.

oh wow thats a good step by step guide on how to do this. i knew that you had to desolder the buttons but i didnt know you had to put in wires if you wanted to upgrade to sanwa buttons, thanks for that guide nerrage. oh and another thing i think i got how photoshop sort of works but does anybody know how i can change the color on the hori mark’s template?

You don’t have to do the little wire things.

thanks guys thats all been very helpful. i think im done with my art, just was wondering if i print it on regular blank paper or is there some other type of paper i need to use so it looks good when i slap it on?

Most people like some form of laminated paper to protect the art. Plus something to stick it with. I use spray adhesive.

so i can pretty much print it and take it to get it laminated and the resolution will still look good?

How good the picture looks depends on the printer and your DPI settings of the original image. Most people recommend about 300 dpi for clear pictures.

Ah I see, and how do I manipulate the DPI settings?

Depends on your program. Here is an art guide one of our SRK members wrote: Making Your Stick Pretty: A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial

Try Lami-label at your local Kinkos if possible. Its a great solution and doesnt require you to have any sort of spray adhesive. Its pretty much a High quality sticker.

So all I have to do is take my art in a usb to Kinkos, say that I want it Lami-labeled and they’ll print it for me?