:/ hori ex-2 problem


i have bought my hori at feb:/ and now i have got some problem with lt button if i press or hold it looks like i’m pressing the button 10 times in 1 sec :confused: how can i fix this?


look at turbo and turn it off


uhm O: i don’t have turbo on the stick


your right, ma bad, shoulda looked at a picture of postin

open up the stick and grab wire/paperclip/bendable metal

on the pcb(s) you’ll notice that there are pairs of big solder points(that’s where the buttons are soldered onto).

make sure stick is plugged in(whether it be via pc or 360). now connect the two points that correspond with the button that’s acting up with your bendable metal(due to lack of a better word -.-).

post up results


XD sorry i’m a little bit noob of this thing what is a pcb?:confused:


Polychlorinated Biphenyl. Highly Toxic. Do not touch.



omg i think i have touched:/ it’s the white thing over the buttons?


Printed Circuit Board.


oh lol :stuck_out_tongue: btw :confused: what i have to do with paper clip?:confused:


i have connected with metal and the button doesn’t work anymore:/ i mean if i press on the 2 metal thing with the metal it works :confused: but the problem still happens it multiple pressing the button just like i’m drumming whit the finger but i’m pressing it once


okay pcb problem

not much we can help with it then. I guess apparently there is turbo support on somehow it turned on.


If you feel up to it, you might want to desolder the button in question and resolder the contacts to make sure that your solder points aren’t accidently connected. (warranty voiding ftw!)

And if you can’t return the stick, then try your best to get it repaired from Hori, and if that doesn’t work, you could hack in another pcb from another controller (again, if you feel up to it)


but it’s possible that this problem it happens from yesterday ? it was perfect until yesterday:/


A friend of mine has this problem which means he can’t focus attack because his MP rapid fires, so I am hoping someone can tell me how to fix this problem…


yeah now i can’t either ultra or :confused: focus attack and btw where i can get repair ?:confused: btw now i have open the stick the warranty is voided?:confused:


btw yeah :confused:


There’s no sticker keeping the EX2 from being opened, they can’t tell you opened your stick. Contact hori about a replacement?


yeah but the screw r ruined :confused: so they can tell btw i dunno how to contact hori in italy:/


I think the warranty is only for 90 days, anyway. What I suggest you do is try re-soldering the button, if that doesn’t work then read the padhacking thread and see if you’re up for that. Or order a wired PCB from gamingnow.net. Then read up on the various threads here on how to mod the EX2 with Sanwa parts. (just the buttons will do for your case)