Hori EX 2 problems

I have a Hori EX 2 stick for the 360 and the cable has gotten faulty. Maybe it was bent too much at the point where it meets the base. It doesn’t work unless I prop something underneath the cable so its in a certain position, otherwise the stick doesn’t get any power. The stick works fine aside from this issue, and I was wondering if this is a relatively straightforward fix, or if there is anyone who does repairs in the Chicago area (I don’t have soldering experience, FWIW). Thanks in advance!

My friend & I opened up the stick and repositioned the cable as a temporary solution (the stick still powers off if the cable gets moved around too much, though). There was a plastic clip on the cord we had to shave off a bit to get the bottom lid back on. I guess there isn’t a market for replacement cables?

fuck ex2’s they are one of the most low grade sticks around, ive had 2 and they both broke the second one broke and it was a full sanwa mod. get a te or dual mod from a ps2/ps3 stick

edit: you might want to look into the new line of sticks coming out for xbox

I do have a Mad Catz SE modded w/a Sanwa JLF + Seimitsu screw-ons, but it’s nice to have an extra stick so guests don’t bitch about being stuck w/pads (I did do the easy sandpaper/Pringles lid mod). The EX 2 is usable aside from the faulty cable, so I don’t like to see it go to waste.