Hori Ex or Madcatz TE Rnd2?


I?m gearing up for some offline Xbox casuals with SSF4 and the forthcoming MvC3, but I?m in need of another stick and don?t know which to go for. I already have a TE-S but I?ve found that the surface area is a little too small for my lap and would like to get a bigger stick ? although the Hori Premium VLX is out of my price range! I was leaning towards the Hori Ex as it at least has a different layout to my TE-S (never tried the arching button layout) and I can pick one up for £79.99 from Amazon; I?m based in London. Problem is, it got some less than favourable reviews regarding its button quality and I don?t want to have to switch the buttons with my TE-S. The Round 2 Madcatz TE stick is a little more expensive but I have it on good authority that this is a quality stick. Can anyone shed some light on the apparent button issues regarding the Hori Ex or has anyone got both and have a preference?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



USB standard HRAP’s don’t come with Sanwa buttons, but stock Hori badness. You might prefer something from their ‘V’ range, such as the HRAP VX SA (if you can find it).

TE:S and previous model TE sticks all have the same surface area underneath, so I’m not sure why you’d think it was different - unless you’re looking at the side panels?


TE Rnd2 side panels never touch your lap, so essentially its the same size as a TE-S. HRAP EX is roughly the same area underneath as a TE as well, different shape. The Hori buttons won’t fail on you like Madcatz SE’s will, but they are all mushy and stiff compared to quality japanese buttons.

An HRAP VX is even smaller on your lap then either of those.


Round 2 TE will be just like the TE-S, only it is slightly wider (It has extended sides), but they don’t really rest on your lap.

I agree with the V line, it comes with good parts, all Sanwa (Or Seimitsu if you’re super cool and get VX SE or V3 SE). However, the button layout is that of the TE, and not like the other Hori sticks. But still not wide. VLX is wide. But expensive.