Hori EX-SE won't register up and down only

So yesterday morning I was playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 with ease. Everything was working fine and when I brought it over my friend’s house the up and down would not work. I could still move left and right and attack/call assists but that’s it. Is there anyway i can fix the existing stick or should I just get a replacement and what kind of replacement stick should I be looking for?

You can still fix the existing stick. Make sure no wires came lose, that all the micro switches are registering and nothing is jabbed into the joystick it self.

if you got to replace the stick, Sanwa JLF series or Seimitsu LS-32 series stick should work. Ether brand is fine.
Sanwa and Seimitsu is like Coke or Pepsi, its which one you prefer more