Hori EX Turbo pad for 360 problem

I’m sure this has been brought up before but searching is disabled right now and I just was so frustrated I had to post.

I wanted a decent pad for SF 4 and was turned off by the bad reviews of the fightpad and the fact that its madcatz. I bought the Hori pad for about 50 bucks, since I heard good things about the dpad.

However, and maybe I am just not hitting them right, the triggers on this otherwise great pad are pluckin my last nerve. There are times when they dont even register as being hit. :rolleyes: Makes pulling off Ultras near impossible, since theres no way to tell if the PPP or KKK will even come out. Its gotten to the point where I am just considering selling it on ebay to make some of my money back and getting something else.

Is there anything that can be done to…I guess loosen the triggers or something?

is it the HRAP ex or the hori ex2 (the small green and white one), i have the HRAP EX and it works like a champ, dunno try getting the EX its on amazon for 129 with free shipping if thats stil goin on.

I think he’s talking about the pad not the joystick

yeah its the pad