Hori EX2 4 green light problem

Just came back from Pitt to Philly and when I plugged in the Hori EX2 to play SFIV online it didn’t register. All 4 green lights on the guide button flash repeatedly. The stick doesn’t register at all and if its plugged in even while the 360 is off it still blinks.

Anybody know the problem or issue with this :sweat:

I have no idea. Try this>> Unplug the power of your xbox 360 for about 5 minutes, then plug it back in and see if it works. If it doesn’t. It might be the USB port or something.

Lil sister loosened the trip wire by literally like a milimetter causing it not to work :rofl:

same shit here. I have the TE 2 stick from MadCatz and the 4 lights flash repeatedly. checked the cable but nothing to find. :mad: