Hori-EX2 Art?

I want the directional art on my SE-Stick for when my friends play or even for me because it helps me any suggestions on how i could go about doing this?

I confuse.
What do you want?
You type EX2 and SE.


How is this?

It is what you see on stock HORI Fighting Stick EX2.

I want the directional circle art on the HORI-EX2 on the SE Stick.

The hori-marks.pdf file on my site that jdm714 linked (thanks) should be what you are asking for.


Ah thanks

So you didn’t check out my Post last night. :shake:

I checked it out but i was looking for the ‘‘entire’’ art for a SE with all 8 buttons and i just assumed after you two posted the same thing there isnt one so id have to make one myself