Hori EX2 button issues

I’ve heard complaints of the EX2 having button issues… does anyone know which parts of the button are prone to breaking? Is it the microswitch?

I just ordered a slightly used EX2 for light modding and heavy SF3 action. When I order an 8-way gate, I’d like to know if I should throw any more button-related parts (besides the 6 Sanwa OBSF 30mms) in my cart as well. Thanks for your help!

Remember that the 8-way is only going to go onto a Sanwa JLF… which the EX2 does not have. You’ll have to replace the stick to use it. Not an easy job.

If you replace the buttons completely than there wouldn’t be any buttons issues… right? Unless you mean something is up with the PCB ?

I should have mentioned, I plan on ghetto rigging the 8-way onto the stock stick as per this FAQ I found:


Again, I should have clarified (sorry, I’m new to this): I have yet to receive and open my EX2 so I did not know what a button consists of. I can deduce from your post that it’s just plastic casing + the microswitch and no other important electronic components. If the buttons do go out, I will replace them and if that doesn’t work then I can assume the PCB has broken and that I have a much larger problem on my hand.

Thank you very much for your help!

get ready because those pcbs are prone to failure.

The buttons require soldering to remove and you have to bend/cut some buttons in order for them to fit. The buttons on the one I use are crapping out, with buttons not working 75% of the time and a recent problem with my system registering the jab as always pressed.

First and foremost, thanks for all the feedback guys

Ah, crapmonkeys. I don’t mind changing the buttons / gate but I hope the PCB lasts until the alleged SFIV stick comes out. I have no idea how tough/expensive a PCB would be to replace :sad:

Yea I’ve heard of many similar problems, which is why I’m going to buy 6 Sanwa OBSF 30s with my gate, so when they do start to fail I will have some nice replacements.

I intend to use this post to help with the process:

Oh… I didn’t know you could use the restrictor on the built in stick… interesting. Sorry about that.

I say replace the stick and buttons altogether… get ready for a big job though. It was eaiser building my own custom than modding my HFS3 (ps3 equivalent). Still… its a great experience and go for it!

You could bend the prongs on the buttons… or you could just stick a 22 awg wire through the holes. The PCB should be marked and easy to solder to.

How expensive to replace a PCB ? $20. Buy one of those 360 mini joysticks. They have a common ground and shouldn’t be too hard to hack.

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Are you talking about the pcb from this controller. If so it will not fit in the EX2.

Get one of these controllers. This is how the pcb will look like and it’s common ground.

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is that just a mad catz wired xbox 360 controller? like this?

I would think that it would fit in the EX2… whatever.

If (when?) my PCB fails, I’ll double check the resources here to see which would be a suitable, yet affordable replacement.

You mentioned putting 22gauge wire through the buttons to avoid clipping/bending, do you have a FAQ or picture that describes the process? I feel like having exposed wire between the button prongs and PCB solder point may cause an issue… Forgive me for my noobness.

And I don’t intend on changing the stick as the one I’d like (HAPP w/ bat top) won’t fit in the case so a stock stick + bat top + 8 - way gate will be as close as I can get it. It may feel a little looser than what I’m used to but I’ll have to play it for a little while and see how I like it.

Thats what I did with my HFS3 mod and it works fine.