Hori EX2 Buttons


So I own a Hori EX2 stick, and I want to get a different stick, but the EX2 button’s are really heavy and not sensitive so I was wondering if there is a stick that has the same type of buttons that the EX2 has


All Hori sticks except for the current Real Arcade Pro V3, VX, VLX, Persona 4 Fighting Stick(VX/V3), the previous HRAP SA and HRAP.EX-SE use proprietary buttons.

All other Hori sticks use “Hori” buttons but I believe the entry level sticks(Fighting Stick EX2, 3, VX and V3) have smaller connectors that won’t fight quick disconnects because they’re soldered to a PCB, the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3, Pro.EX uses Hori buttons with connectors that fight normal quick disconnects. The Tekken 6 Wireless stick also uses all Hori parts as well.

Best thing to do is just hop on to the trading section and buy Hori buttons, they should be a dime a dozen essentially because people usually swap them out right away.


You can use sanwa/seimitsu switches in the hori buttons. Or just get seimistu buttons.


yea i got seimitsu screw in buttons and they are a lot less sensitive than the sanwa ones