Hori Ex2 Detection Problem

Hey guys, new to the forums. I searched around everywhere and I couldnt really find anyone else with the same issue so I thought I’d come here, sorry if there was a different thread to post this in.

Just a week ago I purchased a Hori Ex2 arcade stick. It’s alright, seems pretty nice to learn on but I’ve already run into a problem. I was reading up on modding stuff and after seeing what bitch it was to mod Hori EX2’s I figured I’d move on and mod something like a SE Madcatz stick. A friend of mine thought it was a dumb idea buying a new stick so I openned my EX to explain about the soldering and desoldering and how it annoying it was. That’s all I did, unscrew the screws and show him it.

I put everything back to where it belonged and now when I pulled the stick into my Xbox two of the lights on the “home” button light up for a split second and then nothing. It just doesnt detect it. There’s not problem with the Xbox, it finds both my regular controllers and my Madcatz fight pad.

I really dont know what to do…

Sounds like either a USB cable problem or a motherboard problem. Hori use very cheap parts for their EX2 range of sticks, so it’s no real surprise.

Get a refund on the stick and find yourself an SE instead.

If the USB dongle is loosened even a little bit, it’ll replicate this problem.

If that doesn’t fix it, then yeah, you fudged something up while you were in there. Good thing EX2s are cheap (like $40 now?)