HORI EX2 dual mod?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if its possible to dual mod an EX2 to run on xbox and ps3? Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Not with its stock PCB, because it is non-Common Ground.

Both a Paewang and PS360 fit in there, as well as a TE/SE+ChIMP, its possible. I’ve personally done all three.
To be honest though, it’s a lot of money/work on a subpar stick…

Agreed with the above from jdm and Paper tiger.

With the work and effort required, I would suggest possibly a higher quality stick.
The regular VX (not the VX Pro) isn’t a bad alternative if you want a 6 button Hori

Darksakul has a good suggestion. Upgrade to the regular VX stick, not only is a better quality product for just a few bucks more, but there is more room on the inside of the VX compared to the EX2 to more easily make said addition. And as I just mentioned, spend the 10 extra dollars to get the regular VX, I personally love mine, especially for the price. I’m getting my upgrade in the mail today, a shiny, new rap vx-sa.

Ah thats right space is an issue with the ex2. Though i already threw in sanwa parts and cosmetic doo dads haha. Is it easy to modify those sticks as well?

the HRAP VX/V3 is incredibly easy to modify, the Hori VX/V3 (different than the HRAP) are much easier to modify than the EX2/FS3. Stock buttons while still soldered to a daughter board are 30mm stock. Mounting a stick I’m not 100% on, there are a few guides that can be found here on srk.

Oh cool then i think it might be time to upgrade. Kinda feel attached to my little ex2 <.< whats the difference between the hrap and the hori?

they’re the same company
the h in HRAP is Hori

Can dual modded sticks be used in tournaments?