Hori EX2 fight stick help

So, just bought this stick for the 360, and I don’t know how to hook it up? Like where the hell do I plug the cord?

Ummmm isn’t it a USB cord man??
Wouldn’t you just plug it into a usb port on the front or rear of the xbox?

It’s not the regular usb cord. The cord is like a big circle.

Is it not like this man?? With the usb?

Or this?


OMG Dude… there should be a small USB Breakaway Connector cord… its a USB but on the other end is another circular piece that connects into that circular piece…

If your missing that… you gonna have to find and buy it or that stick is on USELESS MODE! BLAOW!


Yeah, it’s the same as the wired xbox360 controllers right?! If you bought the stick without that part, you gunna hve to find one to buy. Or just take it back to whereever you bought it and complain…
Did you buy it new or used dude?

Yeah, it’s missing the USB Breakaway connector cord…lol…luckily I have a spare from using my extra 360 controller on the PC…

Thanks guys!