Hori EX2 Fight stick Mod or Not ? :3


My cousin a Hori EX2 fight stick and he wants me to mod and put new parts like sanwa but the case is really small . Is it worth the time to mod or its only good as a case and staying one system ? also is it worth to change the parts ?



You will regret it.

Burn it instead.


Rofling That Odee . I saw what it looks like on the inside and I look like its a pain in the ass =[ . What about changing the gate


normally I would say what gahrling said… but it is possible, requires extra work though… as for being worth it, in my case i find EX2’s (or FS3/WiiStick) to be one of my favorites when it comes to form factor. And that’s the only main ‘motivation’ you might probably have for modding sticks like these (by that i mean, cheaper, mod un-friendly sticks), because in the long run it will cost you more money and effort. And i’m just talking about the physical attributes, EX2 will require you to be creative with wiring & soldering too… search for the Hori EX2 thread and see how many shit people go through…

If you’re not particular about how the stick look/form and are more concerned about the parts you’re gonna be using, you should def’ just get something friendlier for simple mods (madcatz se/brawl/tvc sticks)…