Hori EX2 for 360

is it possible to mod one of those?

if so, does any one know how?

any help would be appreciated.

In what way?
Because anything is able to be modified.

buttons and i felt more comfortable with a bat top than a lollipop.

you know things like that.

and maybe artwork?

buttons and i felt more comfortable with a bat top than a lollipop.

you know things like that.

and maybe artwork?

That is possible.


And many more Guides that are the same.

But the Joystick Handle, you can just buy a Bat Top (with Thread Adapter) and put on.

You don’t have to use the Shaft Cover like that person.

Template for the art.

alright man,

thank you very much.

i really needed the help.

this will not go to waste.

Be careful with the EX2 if you plan on doing any “advanced” modding or any modding involving soldering. The EX2 PCB is known to be pretty fragile and dies pretty easily.

How do you take the balltop off?

Take off Bottom Panel for access of insides.
Put flathead screwdriver to Shaft.
Twist off Ball Top.

I thought one of the link showed.
But I’m wrong on that. :sad:

It was another.

Or do the weird way and grip Shaft with plier wrapping towel to Shaft.
Twist off Ball Top.

Ahh do you have an example of how it all disassembles? Im giving my hori-ex2 to my friend who wants a bat-top so i figured if theres a way why not, Also do not use a flathead and just try to twist the balltop off you will strip it so bad, I did it to one of my previous hori-ex2’s when i was trying something like that but never figured it out but lucky a friend of mine ended up fixing it up

I’ve done many times without stripping.
And I have three EX2.

But you want what disassembled?
I’m thinking Joystick, but also in general of taking apart the EX2; so it is ambiguous to me.

I’ll just post this because I don’t know what you are saying.

Just the balltop anyways, Don’t do it that way the best way is taking anytool that can grab around the shaft and twisting it off but makesure you have some type of cloth around the shaft when you grip it or you will cut into it and scratch into it and may ruin it

Also Donovan’s images are the ones that show it.


Right, that’s where I saw it.

It’s not a cool way to me. :sad:
And will only work for Joysticks without Shaft Cover.

I wouldn’t put a shaft cover on a hori-ex2 if you plan on using the same stick. and not replacing it with a jlf or anything