Hori Ex2 Joystick Spring Removal


ok, i have searched and couldn’t find a thread about it… Does anyone know how to take out the spring from the hori ex2 joystick… i really want to use it for my se fightstick… to make it stiffer… thanks


take off the e-clip on the bottom of the hori joystick

its the little C shaped thing, get a flathead screwdriver and have fun prying it off

because of the spring everythings going to go flying so prepare for that


ok thanks … is it a pain in the ass trying to take it off.


yeah. keep prying.

one thing that helps is prying (with the flathead screwdriver) on the “closed” side of the e-clip.


thanks bro i finally got it … even though my fingers are destroyed lol :crybaby::crybaby:


ok… i got it in there… only thing now is to test … it out