Hori-EX2 Mod!

Just finished wiring up my Hori-ex2! Replaced the buttons with sanwas, wired them up to a barrier strip, replaced the pcb with a cheapo mad catz pad pcb, fucked up alot along the way…

Was originally going to use the stock Hori pcb, but i soldered one of the surface mounted contacts right off the face T_____T.

Then, I did the same thing to the surface contacts on the d-pad of the mad catz, so i cut it off (it was on a daughter board) and did a straight point-to-point wire solder.

Then, it turns out i accidently ripped out the wire for the up direction for the mad catz pcb, so i did another surface solder on the VERY tiny point that was left over.

Also, the LB ground happens to be separate from main common ground (wtf!?!?), so i had to daisy chain that one last mount to my star ground in order for that to work as well.

Lessons learned:
-Always tin your connections first
-Make sure your solder iron tip is not too hot when touching pcb surfaces
-Buy a working table, don’t use my computer desk
-Never EVER try to mod a Hori ex2 ever again, no matter how much i love the form factor.

attached is a picture of the messy innards. I’m using the artwork from my other thread, but i haven’t gotten it printed yet. The barrier strip will make removing the CP much easier…


…and my other thread

You did all that work and didn’t switch out the stock joystick?


The innards of my EX-2 is worse.

lol, it’s a bitch to swtich that thing out. I ordered a sanwa restrictor plate, and i’m just going to hack that in instead. I heard from multiple sources that the restrictor plate is what really gives it that “sanwa-feel”

WHAT? You think that the square gate will make it feel like a Sanwa? You are sadly mistaken my friend. The microswitches on the stock stick are crap. Everything about the stock stick is crap.

If you’re fine with it so be it, but I have to say that you will be sorely disappointed if you think swapping the restriction plate will do anything.

Huh? How is the stick harder to get out than the buttons?

The microswitches are the same brand (Omron) as the JLF ones, same series (V), same operating force (200gf), same actuator (pin plunger) so they feel exactly the same. The only difference is the JLF switches have PCB terminals whereas the EX2 stock ones have quick-disconnects terminals but that has no bearing on how they feel. The difference between a full JLF and a hybrid stock/JLF is given by other parts (pivot/main body, shaft length).

The stock stick is about 1/3rd of an inch shorter than a sanwa stick. Sanwas rub up against the base of the ex2. You can dremel out the base plate just a bit to give it enough clearence, but i don’t feel it’s worth it.

The microswitches on the stock stick have a very satisfying click to them (much louder than the sanwa jlf I have on my mad catz SE). I have not noticed them to be unresponsive or anything. Swapping them out would be a simple matter if they should fail in the future (not likely IMO).

I’ve gotten used to the shorter shaft already (learned to play on it) and it’s been fine. The corners feel a little less defined, but i think that should be a problem with the restrictor plate, right?

I do agree that the JLF i have feels more solid, but I think that has something to do with the overall weight of the SE stick (it weighs signigicantly more). Once I get the restrictor plate in there, I’ll know once and for sure if the shaft is really that important.

Why not just put a Seimitsu LS-33 in there? It doesn’t require modification of the bottom plate to put in. Modded with a LS-56 spring, it feels much closer to the JLF than the stock stick ever will.

i dunno, i never looked at the length of the seimitsu’s. Is it basically a drop-in replacement? Couldn’t I just replace the hori spring?

Haha, so true! I had such hassle with mine

i like how he said never ever try to mod a Hori ex2 again

hey guys, sorry to ressurect an old thread, but i just had to make an addition.

I replaced my stock hori gate with the gate salvaged from my madcatz se (because i bought a sanwa jlf for that stick) and i just have to say that it feels amazing. Pretty much feels just as tight as the JLF IMO. That won’t change the fact that the stick itself is about 1/3rd of an inch shorter than the sanwa, but other than that, the feeling is 100% the same.

he has a sanwa stick, wtf else would he switch it in for?

Please pay attention/look at the picture before posting.

Hey everyone!!! I’m planning to mod my hori ex2 in the up coming weeks and im just wondering if i can use Sanwa OBSN-30 instead of the OBSF-30 snap ins. I’m just wondering if the Mounting nuts will fit or will i have to trim it down?

I’m interested in a similar set up even though this image is a MadCatz SF4 SE


Has anyone played on a JLF thats using the hori shaft/actuator to avoid the whole clearance issue? Wondering how it felt to you compared to a full sanwa stick?

Tiger-Yes OBSN will fit but youll have to trim some of the nuts down or the actual plastic shroud thats around the buttons

Besides the whole clearance issue, I’m wondering if the JLF Shaft will work with the stock hori Restrictor? Also, is it worth it to swap out the hori square gate for a Sanwa Square Gate?