Hori EX2 Modding

I’ve been wanting to mod my stick for a while now but though I’ve searched on it, I haven’t found any information on modding this exact one. Are they all alike or is each stick different to mod(I’m a newbie in these parts). I also contacted Hori but they wouldn’t give me any information besides if I had a warranty they could fix it. Does anyone know what parts go with this stick, or are they all basically universal? I was going to go with Sanwa but I don’t know where to start, any information would help. This is the one I have.


Same as HORI Fighting Stick 3.

Same as HORI Fighting Stick Wii.

Same and HORI Wireless Tekken 6.

Same as HORI Tekken 5.



Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

^ I don’t think you can class the FS3 the same as an EX2 because as far as I know, FS3’s are common ground and so need a different (and much easier approach) to modding.

I’m not sure if the FSW is common ground as well, but EX2’s are definitely not (hence why you literally have to hack away at the JLF pcb).

But still, that’s a very nice summary of guides listed above.

Much Obliged, I’m going to get started asap.

I know HORI Fighting Stick 3 is Common Ground, and HORI Fighting Stick EX2 is non-Common Ground.
But installing Sanwa Buttons and Sanwa JLF the same way for both.
Yes, to make them work would be different.

And HORI Fighting Stick Wii is said to be non-Common Ground.

If you’re still interested in Hori EX2 specific stuff and a “photo” guide, check out my Flickr photoset: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donovanmyers/sets/72157606701454632/

^ Awesome photoset.
I’ll be heavily referencing that when I do my ex2 complete overhaul.

Is there any reason why you didn’t just unscrew the balltop with a flathead like everyone else does? Just wondering.

hey jdm714, did you ever get the plexi for the hori ex from evil? I’m looking for a plexi myself. If you still have one to spare. I’m socal.

I didn’t get from him.
Didn’t contact him.

I don’t know when, but kitsunisan is going to send his EX2 to arthong.
But if you want to go with evil-98 right now, I’ll get with you if you want.

He used 1/8" though.
arthong used 1/16" Size.

Was it easy to give it a new face design? I was going to paint my Hori black and give it a new design but didn’t know how to go about doing that.

Is there any way to make the damn thing heavier. My EX2 is so light, I can’t imput and stick motion on my table without it moving a good inch.I can try to brace my hands on in so it stays on the table, but that doesn’t work too often. The buttons I can deal with, the weight I can’t.

oh i didnt see this, use tire weights

quick question, im about to mod my ex2. Now instead of using laminate artwork on the stick. is it possible that I could cut a piece of clear plastic in the button template and use that to put paper inserts? if so, what sort of plastic do you suggest? I figure it has to be something pretty thin yet durable.