Hori EX2 or Madcatz SFIV Stick?

Hey, I’ve been a pretty dedicated pad user the majority of what you might all my gaming career, but since I’ve gotten a 360 and played fighters on that I’ve been thinking of getting and switching to stick for obvious reasons. coughs360Dpadsuckscoughs What I was wondering was if there was enough of a difference between them to warrant dropping the extra money for the Madcatz stick or could I suffice with the Hori EX2? I’m a poor college student so I just can’t drop $80-$150 (most seem to be costing around $120 these days.) for a Madcatz stick. Thanks!

The hori EX2 is a good stick. Yes, it’d be better modded, but me and my friends were able to do most of sfIV hard challenge mode on one so I think you’ll have no problems with the ex2 for fighting games.

If you get one of the bad MadCatz Standard Edition sticks you’ll be spending even more cash swapping out new parts.

if you cant get anything get a ex2 otherwise i would get the se

I tried out the SE stick & its a lot better stick then EX2 the only problem is the reliability factor…Its been 2 weeks quite a few problem has arise & looks like you cant afford to do the fix so yeah just go with the EX2…They are good stick but too light & small for me…

My vote, is either one and then mod it out. The SE straight up is a good stick if you get one thats solid ( mine has been good since two thursdays ago…My EX2 the first day i got it i could see it just was ,IMO, crap. I have ordered new parts for the SE and will be gutting the EX2 for all Sanwa parts.

It seems to me that the best thing to do is a custom build…or…go with the TE stick.

SE is stick is a good bang for your buck.
I have it. I even bought the Sanwa JLF stick and Seim buttons. At the end, I thought the default sticks are good enough. Putting a JLF in it is not going to change much for me.
If you care… the SE sticks has a slightly larger dead zone at the center. JLF has also has a slightly higher resistance, especially at the edges.

Button wise - the SE is slightly more resistance. I end up changing the buttons only - for cosmetic reasons (transparent in classic Blue, Yellow, Red Street Fighter pattern).

Go SE sticks if you need to save loot. Or go for the TE if you want to go all out. I don’t think it is worth the money to go from SE to EX - you might as well go TE - IMHO of course.

If you’re a pad user, and you’re trying to move to stick but can’t find one or need to save the money, try out the MadCatz Fight Pad. It’s a great pad, the DPAD is EXCELLENT and it feels great in your hands. Try it out, it’s much less than a stick and still an amazing tool that will help your game.