Hori ex2 pcb(small) help


Im dual modding an ex with a madcatz 360 and psx pcb. When i get home im going to wire it up. Problem is i need a break down of the small pcbs especially the pcb for the guide. I dont have a 360 so i can try trial and error since the guide(home) button wont register on my pc.
Thanks alot


Guide doesn’t register as the Windows button? It should still come up in the Test tab of the Game Controllers Control Panel.


i test on mame and guide does register when i try to assign it .


i just need to know if the 6 or if the 7 on the hori guide pcb is ground


I don’t have an xbox 360 either, but to test the guide button microsoft does have a windows xbox 360 program that you can download. Load it, plug in the joystick & hit the guide button. If it works, the little xbox 360 controller window will pop up on the screen.


You can fit all that into an EX case?


exo- thanks alot bro. I was using the madcatz driver, the microsoft one is a GREAT help for future mods.

Luckily i wired the buttons right the first time so i didnt have to change anything.

Dave- Yep, its a tight fit. But you can fit
-2 pcbs
-terminal strip
-quick disconnects
-lots of wire lol


Damn. Can you take a picture after you’re finished? I’m pretty curious. It just seems that it would be pressed tightly against the buttons, pushing up on them and making them stiff.

I had done the standard JLF/Sanwa full mod and I never thought about the PCB rubbing up against the box’s metal plate. It ended up that a couple of the metal contacts brushed up against it while I was playing, not even two weeks into the mod, and it shorted out the PCB causing those contacts to stop working. :S

I’m not sure if everyone knew that or not, but I fixed the current mod by wrapping the PCB bottom in electrical tape and stickers. :stuck_out_tongue:


im too lazy to reopen it to take a pic, but heres a pic of my first fs3 dual mod. Since then ive been able to clean it up a bit. Had to make room in the fs3 by cutting up the supports. On the ex2 theres more room inside since theres only one support.
Yes it is a tight fight, i had to reopen it and reposition the terminals cause they were hitting on the buttons causing them to get stuck.
using electrical take on the bottom plate is a must.