Hori EX2 PCB Swap + Wiring

I would like to replace the PCB on an HORI EX2 XBOX360 with a Cthulhu board so I can use that on my PS3. At the same time, I would like to swap out the six big buttons for some Sanwas.

Can someone point me in the right direction on a wiring diagram for the joystick and top buttons (HORI Parts)? The top buttons are LB, back, XBOX, Start, and RB. I would like to use these buttons as the PS button, LT, RT, Start, Select on the PS3. Is this even possible? I also noticed the top buttons have 4 cables going out of them instead of the usual 2 (pos, neg); is this going to be a problem?

Please keep in mind I will be using the Cthulu board to get this done.

Thanks in advance!

Why you wouldn’t just dual mod it, I don’t know.

But I’m pretty sure the 4 wires on the top button is because there are two buttons. (basing this off my EX2 DOA stick)



Thanks for the reply.

The five buttons at the top all have a strip of 4 cables coming out connected to the main board.

I don’t care to have two PCBs since one of the buttons no longer activate reliably; probably a PCB issue after some troubleshooting. My main console is the PS3.

yes, because those PCBs each control TWO buttons, with each button having TWO connections

you could always use a MC Cthulhu, wire it up as a PS2 stick, and get a couple adapters. thats what i’ll probably do with mine.

you just have to desolder the wires from the small board on the ex2 and solder wires to the cthulhu. But when you wire it up you have to chain the grounds since that pcb is NOT common ground

There are 5 buttons at the top. Each button has 4 wires coming out, totaling up to 20 wires connected to the PCB. Are these buttons different compared to the normal 6 buttons?

Picture please. There should be 4 wires on each pcb for start, back. Lb and rb, then 7 from the main xbox guide button,

Ok, I’m a dumbass. I totally forgot each ribbon of 4 wires were connected to TWO buttons.

However, the XBOX button has a really big ribbon of wires. Would I be able to use this as the PS button? Is it because the XBOX button shows which number the controller is on the system? I would just need this button to activate on/off like the PS3 button.

Here is a picture for reference: http://pineconeattack.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/100_0888.jpg

The XBOX guide button has 7 wires.

1 for the Guide Positive
1 for the guide negative
4 for the LEDS (one per LED)
and 1 for the LED ground.

You’ll need to find out which two go to the XBL guide button.