Hori EX2 Problem =[[[

I got a problem with my fight stick. I tried to swap the original parts and added sanwa parts. Installation went pretty well I guess. But when I turned on the stick and checked all buttons I noticed that the left button was not working at all. I desoldered and resoldered the contacts, and I still can not get it to work.

Is there anything I can do? or is the contacts for that specific direction are dead and unable to be used? At the moment I am out of options. I really want to get this stick going again, and I didn’t even get to use the new sanwa parts =’[…

Do you have a multimeter? Use that to check all your solder points.

if you don’t plug the ex2 into the 360 and connect a wire from a point to a point and see if it triggers.

Which button do you mean by “left button”? If it’s a directional, i can say from experience that the solder work on the microswitches for the joystick are very flimsy and can easily come disconnected.

Good luck! I love the ex2 form factor, so I always like good mods!

I don’t have a multi-meter, but I did turn on the xbox and touch the wires together, up, down, and right worked, but not left. If you were to open the hori stick it would acutally be the button on the right side the touches, which activates the left button.

I’ve tried resoldering, no dice. I’m thinking that maybe the connectors no longer work. I mean I can still use the stick, but I wouldn’t be able to move back on fighing games. So it would suck for me =[.