Hori EX2 PS3 Mod?

Has anyone successfully modded a Hori DOA/VF5/EX2/SC4 stick to add PS3 compatibility? The stick is a little small, but I imagine there could be enough room. I did a search but wasn’t able to find anything. Any info is appreciated.

The best thing about the PS3 is that you don’t need a PS3 controller PCB to make it work. Any compatible USB HID pc controller PCB will work just fine.


A lot of them will, but not all. I have a few that won’t work.

bumping the topic to see if there is an answer. I was thinking of getting a cuthulu board and stick it in my hori ex2 when i decided to swap out the buttons/stick

Dual Modding with the original Hori EX2 PCB wont work, but if you are doing a total gutting than anything you want to do will be fine.

Cthulhu board will work beautifully. If you want to Dual Mod you will need a Madcatz 360 PCB preferrable a 2007 model if you want a simple trigger hack.

I guess ill just end up gutting out the case and reuse some of the buttons i guess and just get rid of the board and stuff. Any way to reuse the mic jack tho (which is one of the main reasons why i wanna keep using the ex2)

You can take the headset signal from what ever PCB you source for your 360 side and run it to the Ex2’s jack. You’ll need to desolder the plastic moulding that makes up the jack housing and then just run wires to where ever you place the PCB.


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