Hori ex2 - turn non common to common

Hello, I’m new to SRK and really love the site / forums!

I’ve just started my first mod, and im trying to make my hori EX2 work on both ps3 and xbox 360 (most of my friends have either or and its annoying)

I haven’t been able to find any information accept for a forum posted schematic with little to no explanation for an electronics novice, it involves 7474 chip and the 4044 (to lazy to look at the exact number, but certain IC) to turn the pcb common ground.

I know that common ground is where all the buttons use the same ground wire, couldn’t I just take all the grounds on the hori pcb and link them to the same wire? I don’t know enough about electronics to know if it would work or not, but seemed feasible.

I could test it my self, but im scared to burn out my pcb by crossing the grounds and wanted to ask first and see what people say.

I can go buy a 25 dollar mad catz wired xbox 360 pcb from frys that has the common ground, but i wanted to make sure the ground idea wont work and is final.

lastly I wanted to ask about wired setups, Im new to console gaming, but in pc gaming wireless devices are usually inferior when it comes to input speed (laggy delayed buttons and stuff). Does it matter on console? is there any advantage to using a corded device? (i haven’t researched this, but figured i might as well ask, sry if its posted else where here on the forums.)

Thanks, any help is appreciated

The amount of effort to convert Non-common ground to work in a dual PCBs setup is NOT worth the time or the money. I would do as you suggested yourself get a 360 madcatz common ground PCB and add a Cthuluh board from Toodles, if you want dual PCB for your EX2, it will be tight to fit both in, but still doable.

So far, the word on wireless controllers for consoles, (at least the official ones) are lagless when compared to their wired counterparts for both 360 and PS3.