Hori EX2 vs SF4 SE

A very simple question. Which would be better for me?

The extra 2 buttons on the SE would be convienient but it wouldn’t be worth it if it breaks on me like I’ve been reading about. Some will say thats its easy to mod but I have no experience with modding or stuff like that, nor does anyone I know personally. So does the SE break as much as I read cause if so then I’ll just get the Hori EX2. Thanks in ADVANCE, Goosey.

EX2 sucks

SE sucks

IMHO…Get SE and just super glue the joystick’s washer down

The EX2 Hori buttons fucked up on me the 3rd day.

Quite the negative Nancy, lol :rofl:

I haven’t tried the SE but the EX2 isn’t too bad stock. Obviously it’s way better if you mod it with Japanese parts but you could use it stock though… The buttons are quite crappy though since they’re prone to breaking very easily. The joystick however isin’t too bad.

And personally I don’t really mind the 8 button layout like a few people do. I don’t really have a preference between 6 or 8. If I use 8 though, I bind the extra 2 to taunt buttons lol.

I know every product has there horror stories but they seem to be alot more of them when it comes to Sticks for some reason. It really has me scared about which one is worth it besides hardcore ones.

the SE is wood but if your gonna mod the stick on day one it less of a headache. if your looking for a budget stick I would go ex2

Only thing is they both cost about the same on amazon. I wouldn’t say I’m looking for a budget stick. Just not trying to buy a controller for the same price as a console.

You should buy the SE and yeah, just go with the washer gluedown fix.

The EX2 is difficult to mod, so even if you don’t care to now, it’s nice to have that option later. As well, the parts seem to break down faster, if you play as often as the majority of us here do.

I vote getting the SE. easier to mod and I’ve seen a lot of nice image mods on those.

I have EX2s and am getting rid of them to get SEs or TEs instead if I can find them. Not worth the frustration trying to mod a Hori and there is always a chance the PCB could just shit the bed and stop working, which is not as likely with one of the Mad Catz ones.

Thanks Guys! I just placed my order for my SE. My other controllers are relieved. I should have super glue laying around here somewhere. I just hope I don’t break it trying to open it.

I’d get the SE just for the modability factor.

you may not see yourself modding it now but in a few months you’ll either want to or look for a new stick.

Hori sticks are decent brand new out of the box, but, after they wear a bit(it doesn’t take long with this stick) it starts to feels like shit.

atleast with the SE you can swap parts out with ease, and cheaper upgrade then buying a whole new stick(pro level).

edit: opps, too slow in posting. haha. see your post above mine. good luck man.

ya get the SE, i have the SE and the EX2 right next to me right now (EX2 is my gfs) but i love how the SE feels, and the size of it. Also modding it is VERY easy its as simple as using a screw driver and popping out buttons and popping out a clear plastic piece. Simple as that.

Also the PCB of the EX2 sucks bawls, I had to replace 2 of mine mine with MadCatz PCB’s.

Plus getting a nice Joystick and buttons in that tiny case is a super pain…well not pain, but it is definitely an hour or so job, while the SE can have all new parts in it in less than 10 minutes.

Don’t get the ex2. It’s not even worth modding. I’ll likely get rid or use it as a backup when my custom is built.

Go for the SE over TE even. It’s smaller then TE and easier to mod then ex2. For $80 it’s a good case, a pcb, and easily moddable. That’s what you’re paying for.