Hori EX2 xbox 360


are there any flaws to the hori ex2 for playing ssf4? sometimes i cant get my combos down i was just wondering if its me or the stick.


i would say its the stick. i had this thing since vanilla and it’s served me well. i recently installed a PS360 board in my PS3 TE slim and i can tell you there is a difference in command registers. I would go with a TE over the EX2. sanwa > hori buttons and joystick.


u think a madcatz 360 fightstick SE will make a difference since they have different parts?


the SE is better because you can swap out the parts for real sanwa/seimitsu parts but the size is about the same. i prefer the TE for the extra real estate


I second madveks, I think it’s the stick.
I don’t say EX2 is flaw stick but I really don’t think EX2 is good enough for the players want to be good at fighting games.
few problems I had on EX2

  1. when I press PPP/KKK it very often register PP/KK
  2. the stick feel kinda sticky that’s bad for dash moves
  3. the buttons aren’t sensitive enough, not good for links.

EX2 is fine if you are a causal player.
Madcatz TE is definitely a BIG step up, which I did few days ago. Bought the Madcatz TE , never been happier.

for the Madcatz SE , unless you going to mod it to Sanwa/Seimitsu parts, otherwise it won’t be any better than Hori EX2.
if you don’t like trouble, go for TE instead of SE.

TE not only the stick and button far superior than SE and EX2 out of the box, it also bigger and heavier.
bigger is great if you are a lap player, also the TE heavy enough even you have some wild motions, the stick stay very stable on your desk/lap


my ex2 never had any problems stated in here and i’ve had it for almost 3 years (bought it used too). it’s in your heads for the most part. when you switch to a sanwa or seimitsu stick, the throw is shorter so you don’t have to move the stick as much to hit the switches. that’s probably what’s throwing some of you off. the same applies to happ sticks vs korean vs japanese sticks. it’s preference and if you’re new to sticks, switching between them after only a short while of use isn’t going to help. it takes a while to get used to using arcade sticks, especially on your lap, so give it some time.

hori’s buttons also probably have a longer throw distance to reach the switch unlike sanwa/seimitsu so maybe that’s what’s throwing you off your links. shouldn’t be a problem if you p-link everything.


@poonanies so ur saying i have to press the button harder and faster maybe?


stick and button preferences notwithstanding the sanwa buttons and joystick have consistently been shown to outperform their hori counterparts. and the extra real estate really does help on the TE.