Hori Fight Stick EX2

I’ve been using this stick for about a couple of months and the ‘short’ button is starting to faze out. At times it doesn’t work at all while other times it registers as two presses when I’m only pressing it one time. Will a Sanwa OBSF-30 push button be compatible with this kind of stick and actually fit? If not what kind of buttons will I need to be compatible with the Hori Fight Stick EX2. It came in a soul calibur 4 box. Thx for any help.

EDIT: 360 version

I think so.

Might wanna give this thread a run through.

It’s been awhile since I stepped in there. I lost hopes of modding mine. :frowning:

Edit: Crap, I think you want the PS3 one. Lemme go dub-check.

Edit 2: I dunno what to do. I’m just…gonna step out of here. ducks out

its for the 360 version