Hori Fight Stick Three

Is this sick even worth modding…I had to get one to stay remotely competitive…the button layout is definitely strange…Thanks for any insight…

It sure is worth modding. This is mine. $50 for the stick, $55 bucks for the Seimitsu parts, $30 in tools, Having fun doing this…PRICELESS.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Hori Fighting Stick 3 with all Seimitsu parts. LS-32-01, Bat top, and Snap-in buttons. ( Everything that looks orange is actually red).



Plenty of threads/posts on this already dude, but to answer your question - it depends on how competitive you are. For beginners to intermediates, it’s a decent stick to have. It was (and still is) my first stick. Although the stock parts aren’t very good, so I ended up swapping them out as soon as I got it. Only thing I have against it is that it’s not something that you’d want to use if you’re predominately a table/benchtop player. You’d need to weigh it down a fair bit if you are, 'cos it’s too light. However, I have started playing it on my lap and find it quite comfy. I’m probably going to buy some heavy metal washers and tape them to the inside of the box to weigh it down though.

worth modding?

it depends on your budget

if you have $100 to spare, grab a se and mod that

if you have $80 to spare, you can try building your own

if you have only $50 to spare, well i guess modding the FS is the only way to go

actually if your budget is 100, i’d suggest getting a hrap3 and mod that instead of se because for the same price, you most likely will replace the stick along with buttons for se, whereas the hrap3 stick is already sanwa and you would only have to replace the buttons.

p.s. i know it is difficult to find a hrap3 but good luck with whatever route you choose

HRAP3’s are 100? Wow. I didn’t know that.

If you search for the proper spelling “Hori Fighting Stick 3,” or the abbreviation “HFS3,” you should be able to quickly locate a lot of old threads that will show you how to do what you want to do. :smile:

dam do u have big hands or is that stick that small…

Thanx for the info…too damn hard to find and sticks in this crazy environ…will work with what I got til later…

Fighting Stick 3s are hard to find right now. you can get the Fighting stick Wii for $40 at Gamestop and a PS3 Cthulhu for $20 or a MC Chtulhu for $25. The Fighting Stick wii is pretty much identical on the inside if you’re looking to mod.

Not sure if Amazon has these in stock either. If you’re brave enough, modding these do take some work.