Hori Fight stick VX is garbage,


So after around 2 weeks its losing a CRAP ton of responsiveness before that im dancing across the screen poping specials instant air teleports and instant air ultra 2 on sim, now im lucky after the 4th try to get it to come out, even in training mode with no pressure, it’s the same. Just a heads up, be careful if any pad players want to try it.

I ordered a complete set of semitsu components from focus attack, got the LS 40 short throw stick 360+ pcb, wire harness, and 10 buttons, so once i build some type of box im good to go, and theres zero soldering it’s all plug and play. Sadly, all this wasnt much more than the hori :confused:

  1. The FSVX/V3 uses the old stock Hori parts, which are KNOWN to be garbage, so I’m presuming you didn’t do your research before buying the stick.
  2. Your topic is slightly misleading; the casing for the Hori Fighting Stick VX/V3 casing is great, and the PCB itself is amazing to work with.
  3. Most people buy the FSVX/V3 for the formfactor, and swap in Sanwa/Seimitsu parts.


Hell you don’t even need to replace the whole joystick. I got away with replacing the spring and the micro switches.
The Buttons got swapped for Seimitsu buttons. I Wish more sticks has a PCB like the FSVX/V3. The case ins’t bad either, it lacks a true mount for a real joystick but that is about it.


Yeah, my bad lesson learned lol, well I went with 24mm buttons, I want it really close and tight I cant stand the larger buttons. I finished up a case, but meh, I wanna find someone that makes simple cases like NiteWalker did, but he’s off the radar.


I dunno if those will fit dude, I think they’ll slip right through the existing holes unless you rig up something custom.


If you buy a cheap stick you shouldn’t be expecting much


Oh ya, I know those wont fit, the case I built works, but is fugly heh, im searching for a wood case builder now, was looking at Magocyber, his work looks amazing, and hes showing wood cases for $85


Won’t Fit?!

The buttons will just fall though.

If you going to built a new stick from scratch, don’t tear apart your FS VX. Sell it to recope your losses


Hmm, i think i worded something wrong here, id never take apart my hori, i bought all new semitsu parts and built a stick, was just saying the case looks like crap, but i talked to John Dilillon from SimpleCase he said hes starting up again in around 3 weeks.