Hori Fighting Commander 2way PS1 fightpad


Hi, has anyone one here used this pad before? is it any good? does it work with ps3? there not much info around. Im currently using a madcatz fightpad but looking for another pad as i’ve heard these don’t last long. I know there a new hori fighting commander 3 but i dont want to spend that much.
I probably get this as i need a pad for 3rd strike and alpha anthology on ps2, its a bonus if it could wotk with ps3, any info would be great, thanks


You know there is a new fighting commander 3 right?


yep, i’ve already mentioned it already in my original post. i’m not a hardcore player so dont want to spend that much, i found a hori fighting commander for cheap so more intrested in that as i could use for my alpha collection and 3rd strike on ps2.


Super necro bump.

I’m in the same position as OP, need/want a 6-button Hori pad but would love to use it on my PS1/2 games as well.

I’m seeing these for cheap, wondering how hardy they are (all used, obviously) and if it’s considered a decent pad.

NVM, ordered it – I’m just gonna chance it. :bgrin:


That is a very interesting looking pad. Roughly how much does it cost?

Just curious, do you already have a good PS2-to-PS3 adapter? The adapter is often the real bottleneck for a PS2 controller (performance, backwards compatibility and budget).


I tried to buy one of these a while back. The seller would not ship it to me from the UK. : \

I’m sure it’s no Saturn pad. Just looked fun to play around with.


Yeah, I’m getting it from the UK too – ?28 delivered.

Will test it with my InPin.


Congrats on the purchase. I look forward to hearing more about it.