Hori Fighting Commander 3 Button remap or mod?

Hi guys,
I’ve been searching everywhere on how to mod these buttons, any guide or hints would help.
As you know the flaw with the HORI fighting commander 3 the R1/R2 buttons are on the same side.
Has anyone here ever used the Hori fighting commander 3? Modded it?
Any feedback or advice would be appreciated!

What exactly do you want to do? Also, isn’t the point of the FC3 to have the R1/R2 buttons on the face leaving L1/L2 for your left hand?

That would work well. I however prefer to have all 8 buttons accessed via my right hand and just the d-pad on my left hand. The R1 and R2 buttons, and the R1 R2 on the shoulder buttons are the same and cant be mapped to a different move.

I’ve done the mod before to switch the L and R buttons. Its rather easy. Just need to rewire the L buttons to the R buttons and vise versa.

Hori probably got a lot of feed back from players about this issue since they added a switch to the Pro model that will let you swap the L and R .

“Just rewire the L buttons to the R buttons…” eh… easier said than done. I would love to see some guide out there that helps me or even points me to what needs to be done. As for now I do not have a clue.