Hori Fighting Commander 3 on PS4 Mod?

Anyone knows how I can mod my Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro, working on PS4?
The Hori 3 Pro is way cheaper than the Hori Commander 4, so it would be pretty awesome.


The Fighting Commander 3 Pro will work like any other PS3 stick: it’ll work if the game you’re running supports it.

Otherwise, there’s no “mod” you can do to the controller to have it work.

I see… thanks for the quick answer tho.

FC3 pro works fine with USF4 PS4. No mods needed.

  1. Buy a Hori FC3 Pro.
  2. Insert Hori FC4 Pro PCB inside.
  3. ???
  4. Smack yourself for not just buying the FC4 Pro in the first place.


Daikuza here is an idea if you are interested.

I have created a quaded controller out of a Hori Fighting commander 4 that is working with Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I’ve made 2 actually. If you have any modding skills, I can point you in the right direction if you really want to make that FC3 work for PS4. The problem is your total investment to make that controller compatible would have been way cheaper if you would have purchased the FC4 instead.