Hori Fighting Commander 3 pro - Dpad replace


Hello all,

I do not know if this the correct place to place this thread but I figured I’d ask anyway. Gotta start some where…
I cannot for the love of god switch over to a stick…
I have been playing with the Hori Fighting Commander 3 pro pad. This is an excellent pad much better than the madcatz or ps3/xbox controllers in my opinion.
Recently the dpad has been getting unresponsive or giving me unwanted quarter circle movements when moving forward… My guess is the dpad has worn out.
Is there anyway I can fix this? I am trying to refrain myself from buying a new game pad each time the dpad dies out…Lately this pad is getting harder to find and has to be imported from Japan.
Any ideas on how to replace just the dpad? Any ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!


You’ll want to ask over in the Tech Talk forum, but my guess is that the rubber domes under the d-pad buttons are wearing out. The PCB should still be alright, and you should just need to replace that one part. Something I actually need to do with my old PS2 pad, after having played way too much DMC3 and killed off my square and triangle buttons.


That was my guess, know of any online stores that sells that specific parts? I’m gonna try my luck at google… :confused:

edit: I found the thread I was looking for. I’m going to continue on from there.