Hori Fighting Commander 3 Shoulder button switch


Hi all,

I’ve never attempted something like this, but I just got a Hori FC3 for PS3 and the shoulder button placement is terrible, with L1 and L2 on the left shoulders, and R1 and R2 on both the face and right shoulders.

I’m looking to swap L2 over to the R1 shoulder button’s position. Is this possible? And can anyone provide tips on how to do so?



It’s probably as simple as cutting the trace/wire from the original L1, L2, R1 and R2 signal points to their respective shoulder buttons, then taking some 30-gauge wire and leading a connection from the original L1/L2 signal points and their ground to their new contacts (where the R1 and R2 shoulder buttons used to be). That’s only assuming that the board is both common-ground, and that there’s separate small PCBs for the shoulder buttons, much like older DualShock 1s.


I’m curious why the left shoulder buttons on the left shoulder and the right shoulder buttons on the right shoulder are a terrible layout.


What’s terrible is that R1 and R2 are face-buttons and not L1 and L2.

If L1 and L2 were face-buttons you could map HP and HK to them and PPP/KKK to R1/R2.

You’d never have to use the L-Triggers with your left index-finger and have access to eight buttons with your right hand.
That would’ve been the perfect layout.

The way it is now its layout is a complete failure.


I see what you mean.


Did you managed swap de buttons??


I attempted the switch but failed. instead of cutting the wires, i desoldered the ribbon cable from the shoulder buttons and then connected wires to the open end of the ribbon. That failed. Then I got rid of the ribbon entirely and connected wires straight from the main board to the shld board. That too failed. The face R1 and R2 and the Shld RI+R2 and L1+L2 didn’t work. Finally, I tried to just move the L1 and L2 to the right shld and didn’t connect the extension R1 and R2 to the Left side. End result is the face button R1 and R2 started to work again, but the shld L1 and L2 (on the right side) still doesn’t work. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Update: I give up, I’ve tried everything, the top buttons don’t work. This is why Apple is successful, sometimes, easy mode is a good thing. All hori had to do was put L1 and L2 on the right side and every pad players dreams would come true, but instead they made the dumbest decision to put it on the left side, and but yet the right side has two buttons and it is a redundant R1 and R2 that is already on the face. If anyone can help, please feel free to respond.


Can any help, or suggest something???


I’m an occasional pad player, and I think it’s great that Hori introduced a redundant set of R1/R2. People that are used to playing SF on regular PlayStation controllers have always had to use R1/R2 for 3P/3K, and that’s been the default as far back as the Alpha series. Other people have gotten used to arcades and Genesis-style controllers, and thus prefer to have all six buttons on the face. Hori thought it best to just cater to both styles.

There’s no fighting game out there that absolutely requires 8 face buttons, and even most PS3 games that don’t have the SF-style R1/R2 mapping by default (e.g. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2) can accept custom mappings. The only unnecessary buttons are L1/L2, but they’re still present on the controller for non-fighting game purposes, and for all those people out there that have issues hitting three face buttons simultaneously. MadCatz has the same layout with their FightPad, except that there’s only one set of R1/R2 buttons.

It sounds awfully ridiculous that one would have to physically reroute the traces on the buttons in order to make PPP/KKK easier. Firstly, since they operate on physically separate nerves and muscles, the movements of your thumbs don’t have any effect on your index and middle fingers, and so there shouldn’t be any confusion on your left hand as to whether you can actually operate the D-pad and press shoulder buttons at the same time. It’s really not that difficult to do, and just like anything else you’ll get better with practice. Secondly it’s also perfectly acceptable to set the controller on your lap, position your palm over top of the controller, and then use the first three fingers on your right hand to press all three buttons simultaneously. No matter how silly you think you look while doing it, you won’t get kicked out of a tournament for treating your pad like a stick, and if anything you’ll save your thumb from just a little bit less wear and tear.

@powerincarnate: Take pictures of the PCB. It’s pretty hard to spot a soldering problem when we don’t know what it looks like.


I feel your pain. I just got one of these thiking I’d finally have a pad with two usable top right shoulder buttons (I cannot for the life of me use the left shoulder buttons) but was horrified to find out that the R1/R2 on the face of the controller are ALSO on the top right shoulder - therefore making them more of less redundant.

Such a shame because this COULD be the pad of my dreams (although, I only use pad when everyone is asleep), but the button placement sucks.
Going to try and mod mine soon - don’t really care if it breaks as its not really any better then a ps3 controller as is. Let you know how I go.


Actually I don’t know if I can be bothered. Think I’ll just stick with my stick and and just put SF down when the lady’s asleep.

If anyone figures this one out, be sure to post in here and let us all know!


I like the idea of having all 8 buttons available on your right hand. Although I have no problem using the left shoulder buttons, I thought I would give switching the shoulder buttons a try and was able too do this with little effort. Being from socal, I went down to japanvideogames.com head quarters in Alhambra and picked up a black FC3 for about $40. After testing out the controller for a couple of hrs, I felt that this controller was more responsive than the PS3 controller. I definitely prefer this over the the PS3 one.

Anyways upon opening the controller, you can see that each set of shoulder buttons has its own circuit board. On the underside of it, it is marked “L” for the left side and “R” right side circuit board. I believe each circuit board from the shoulder buttons has to be wired directly to its corresponding side. So you cant just switch the wires from left circuit board to the right side and the other way as well. You have to relocate the circuit boards to the opposite side. Since the 3-way ribbon connecting the shoulder buttons circuit to the main circuit board is short, all you would have to do is extend them. I did this by cutting the ribbon in the middle and soldering 3 equal length wires between the cut ribbons. My wires were about 4 inches in length. I cut and stripped 6 wires ahead of time. 3 for each side. You have to make sure that you connect each wire to the right ones according to their numbers, 1-3. After soldering, I made sure that each solder point was good and used electrical tape to cover each point up. Now all you have to do is slide the circuit board you pulled from the left shoulder slot into the right sides shoulder slot. This should slide right in. The part on the circuit board that protrudes should now be facing towards the outside of the controller instead of towards the middle. Do the same thing with the other side and make sure your solder points are good. When your ready to put the controller back together, it is very very important to make sure you dont pinch any wires when closing it up. Make sure your wires are not in the path of the screws. Also route the wires around or between the white circles on the main circuit board. The white circles are contact points from the back part of the controller with the circuit board. When your finished, power up ur PS3 and give it a test. I was lucky enough to get it on the first try, but if you have issues, recheck your 12 total solder points and make sure that there are no pinched wires. I hope this helps out. I also took some pics and post them if requested. It took me about1 hour. Take your time so you dont accidently destroy your controller. It is now the perfect controller.

Fighting Commander 3 for Fei Long players

Epic reply mate.

I have nothing approaching the skill level required to do such a (presumably simple) mod but I will definitely pass your info onto others who can use it.
If you could post those pics however I would be extremely grateful. This controller really has the potential to be the best imo - I just hate using the left
shoulder buttons!


Does anyone know if the hori commander 3 can be duel modded to play on xbox? And it seems crucial threads is the only one who has successfully swapped the R1 and R2 to L2 and L1. If you have any pictures or anything else you can add to help others do the same I would definitly appreciate it. I just got one in the mail and want those buttons swapped but obviously don’t want it broken so I’m trying to get as much info on how to do it first. Hope I can swap those buttons right and if I can you’ll see some reaction ultras and counter ultras more often from me.


It’s a 6 button pad, you should’t have to use the shoulder buttons.


In all fairness,** you **don’t require the shoulder buttons, It doesn’t mean others aren’t more comfortable using the bumpers. By this logic the pad should simply be passed up in favor of a stick altogether. (while many support this) Most people arent going to tournaments and want to play with whats comfortable for them, not something they have to practice on for months to even get used to the input.


I am looking to purchase this controller as well. My question is this,

1)the buttons over the right shoulder, can that be used?

  1. I understand that R1 & R2 are on the face but does that mean that I cant use those 2 right shoulder buttons?

I would prefer my right shoulder buttons to be PPP & KKK. Is this possible?

UPDATE!!! I just read that there are 2 R1 & R2 command keys. So If I was looking to purchase this controller I would have to open it up and then remove the L1 & L2 wires and move them over to the shoulder side of R1 & R2. That?s sucks! I was hyped for a second to purchase this controller because my mad catz is pissing me off and now this.