HORI Fighting Commander 4 for PS3 and PS4


Looks like Hori’s bringing back the Fighting Commander with a new PS3/PS4 version similar to the HRAP.V4.

Here’s hoping that this one is built tougher than the first FC3 Pro.

I love my Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro (even if I don’t use it religiously).

They really should get rid of the rotating-joystick feature, though; that detail is pretty useless.
I don’t mind the diagonals-sensitivity-changing feature, but they could probably get rid of that too and I’d never give it a second thought.

Sites on Play-asia and some ebay sellers have them for sale… Someone buy one and find out how it looks inside!!

Just why did they have to keep the rotating d-pad? I went through 8 controllers because of that.

lol bad mistake. I actually fixed my d pad on my own by using a xbox 360 rubber d pad i bought from ebay. All you need to do is use the worn out HFC3P D pad as a guide and cut the x box rubber pad into 4 parts and glue it all together to make it match the hori pad and then trim the edges to make it fit in the controller and your done.
It is much tougher then the original and i have had mine for over a year and the D pad is still the same as i made it from day 1.
And the best part is that it cost me under $5 to fix :slight_smile:

Tarek, would that work on a madcatz fightpad per chance? All of my fightpads are no good just because of the silicone dpad underneath is worn out and if that could work the same way that BE FUCKING AWESOME!

And this is very exciting news, i have always been a pad player and have been forcing myself to use a stick just because you can’t find durable 6 button layout pads. Im pumped!

I’d definitely like to see a basic guide on that if possible

I’ve never owned a madcatz fightpad so i have no idea how it looks like inside, you need to experiment on your own however i do know it definitely works for the HFC3P.

@el greco I only have the one controller so i can’t make another one but i do have a picture of the final result.

Here is a simple guide:

You will need the following items: Scissors, super glue and an xbox 360 rubber d pad.
The rubber membrane on the xbox 360 is larger then the HFC3P. So all you have to do is use the rubber membrane on the HFC3P as a guide and cut the xbox 360 rubber membrane into 4 parts and start trimming away until you position the buttons evenly and make it match the HFC3P.
Once the size is the same then what you need to do is glue it all together and wait for it to dry.
After its dried make sure the buttons match the rubber membrane on the HFC3P and then trim the edge so it fits in the controller.
Now cut 4 small circles using cardboard (I used a tissue box to do this) and make sure the circles are the same size as the buttons on the rubber membrane and glue it on. This is to raise the height of the buttons and then put it all together and it should work fine.

I’ve tried using nintendo and ps3 rubber parts but the metal conductor on those are too small and don’t register the inputs properly so the xbox 360 works best.

You are amazing. I am trying it right now as I type this. But it looks like ill have to just glue the 4 different contact points to the contact pad bezel. Should work.

To bad they dont make fight commanders for the 360, could use a converter but i heard they give input lag. Still stoked for it though, I wonder when it will come out in the states?

I just recently got the FC3 non-pro due to bad reviews of the pro’s dpad. Interesting to see how this turns out. Hopefully they made it sturdier

I didn’t glue anything on the pad bezel so i’m not sure if that will work. I only glued the 4 parts together refer to the picture above ^ and added 4 pieces of cardboard cut in small circles and glued on the buttons to raise the height.

Good luck!

My Hori Fighting Commander 4 just arrived. By far the best HFC controller I have used yet. The D-pads feel is similiar to the gempad so hopefully it won’t break down as easily!

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!

Is their any differences compared to the HFC3P?

I really like my Hori fighting commander 3 non pro except for the lack of switchable left and right buttons.
I would rather them bring back that setup as i have grown used to it rather then the moveable dpad.

Yes there are some differences, the L-R swaps are now L1-L3, L2-R3 to R1-L1, R2-L2. Which means if you play with 8 buttons on the right side the L1 and L2 will be different buttons now.

The D-pad tho feels alot sturdier compare to HFC3P.

Using it on Steam with Better DS3 it registers on its own.

Other misc things: Share button, R1 and R2 buttons on pad are light gray some reason.

Good to know, I received mine a while back, but I was thinking of using it when I get my ps4.

I have the non-pro as well, despite doing some modding to have the shoulder buttons reversed, I never use it, I don’t find it very ergonomic.

Does anyone know if the pcb is common ground and has easy solder points?

I use mine to play steam games beats the hell out of using a 360 dpad.
For fighting games id much prefer a stick anyways so the investment on a fight pad was abit over kill.

I had sworn off Hori pads after the Hfc3 dpad rubber debacle; However, I ended up getting the gempad which is a terrible dpad with a sturdy rubber contact. I really wish that the pad makers would just make a pad that lets you change out the rubber contacts easily once they go bad. Just make a little hatch in the back that grants you easy access to the dpad and sell replacable contacts. The Hori pad dpad will still be too flush to the pad, though. It’s too low by a few eights of an inch imo. Anyway, I’ve given up on buying new pads. I do work on ps3 pad, and as Luffy showed us, work can be done on Ps1 pad, which I already knew which is why I bought one for $1.99 from a goodwill a year ago. Stay free pad makers. Sega Saturn pad is still our master.