HORI Fighting Commander 4 for PS3 and PS4

It’s no big deal, but Hori and Alps manufactured all the PS 1/2 pads for Sony.

If you look on the back of your pad it will have an H for Hori or A for Alps.

So I finally tried it, d-pad feels the same as the old one, I don’t expect it to last very long

Any news on whether this controller’s pcb is common ground or not?

From how the Hori FPS controller was like for the PS4, its a safe bet to say it unlikely.

now that you had it for a few days, is the dpad really better than 3pro?

Its still working fine at the moment.

that’s good to know my friend but in your opinion is it better than HFC3P? i just don’t wanna drop 85 bucks on it if the d-pad is worst than the one on HFC3P.

It’s the same d-pad, looks and feels the same

ah ok i see! thanks for letting me know i didn’t read your older post, i guess i’ll just stay with my HFC3P for now since they didn’t make any improvements to the d-pad on the HFC4. it seems like the only reason they even made the HFC4 was to make it PS4 compatible

Why are people surprised at this?
I doubted even from the beginning that they’d “fix” the d-pad. I actually don’t have any issues with my HFC3Pro’s D-pad, so it’s moot to me either way.

Obviously. Why would you think otherwise?

Wouldn’t hurt to check :smiley:

If anyone could pop theirs open and take pics, I’m sure a lot of Xrd fans would appreciate it.

; )

did it seem like i was to you? i wasn’t


by the way you’re using the word Obviously it sounds like you have the HFC4 and you actually know what you’re talking about but then again you talk about not having any problems with your HFC3P which leads me to think that you don’t have a HFC4 and if that’s the case then your reply doesn’t do too much for me. i wasn’t sure if to buy one or not so i was i kind of asking people that actually do have a HFC4 for their opinion on the matter

Hi guys !

Sorry to bump this thread, but a good friend of mine a HFC4 and want to use it on 360, especially on tournaments. Sadly, since the Cronus Max is banned because of lagging issues, do you know a good converter for this pad who is lagless and tournament-ready ?

Nope. There is no recommended/reliable retail converter that’s tournament-friendly that converts 360–>PS3 or PS3–>360.

That’s actually not why the Cronus Max is banned, but that’s a whole separate story entirely.

Thanks :slight_smile:

the Cronus is banned because of the Macro support and reports of USB ports becoming damaged after Cronus device use.

Though it’d be pretty expensive, you could build your own converter using one of [Undamned’s USB decoders](Undamned’s USB Decoders (USB to JAMMA, etc.)! along with a suitable 360-compatible PCB. If using an Akishop Customs PS360+ such a converter could even be used for both PS3->360 and 360->PS3!

I love this pad, but just hate the dpad… the PS3 dpad is the perfect size.
Any one knows how to do a mod and make the dpad smaller? Fused PS3 dpad with 6 facing buttons from HFC4? :slight_smile: that would be sick!

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