HORI Fighting Commander 4 for PS3 and PS4

You have to cut apart the pad you are modding and the pad with the donor parts,
Epoxy case parts together, and fill gaps with bondo
primer, paint and clear coat your game pad unless you like your game pads looking like they been though a auto shop.

and this does not even address the electrical modifications inside the pad

Alternative case modification methods would include cutting material on a CNC machine and 3D Printing

just got this today, two questions…

  1. is there a touchpad equivalent button on this (testing out the pad on Injustice ps4 and that resets training i believe)
  2. Is there any way i can use this pad on 360 maybe via a converter, if so which converter

Any info would be great


  1. Nope.
  2. Nope. There are no recommended retail converters for PS3->X360 or vice-versa.

Can’t see the touchpad being integral to any fighting game so that’s not too bad.

Aw fuck, only reason i wanted a converter was to get used to the pad for USF4 before the PS4 version comes out.

What other fighting games are there to try out besides Injustice in the meantime on PS4?

Guilty Gear Xrd

I’ll check that out, might have to import as it doesn’t seem to be out in Europe.

Can i get the pad modded to work on 360?

Yep. As far as I know, the only person who’s done it is @Gummo, although it was with a Fighting Commander 3 Pro, not 4.
Basically you need to trim down both a Mad Catz 360 Fightstick PCB and an ImpV2, and cram it all in there. If I recall, it’s a straightforward mod, but not trivial, due to physical (rather than technical/electrical) limitations.

pics of the board? i read that its easily pad hackable.

This one can be modded for 360 just like I did for the 2 for ps3.

I still have one left. When I have free time I’ll show pinout for it.

Anyone use the FC4 pcb for a stick? Is it easier to use than the DS4? I cant find pics of the pcb :frowning:

If you read the actual tread you notice none has posted pictures or made a guide yet.

Thats why I asked if someone has done it, but maybe didnt post about it.

I’ve modded a hitbox with it already.

So can you tell if you ran into any problems?

No problems. It’s a easy padhack. Just inconvenient to obtain the pad.


Started a 3rd party ps4 pad thread. So far only have padhack info on the fighting commander 4 posted, but will add the guilty gear pad later on and any future ones should they come out.
[forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/194825/third-party-ps4-padhack-options](Third party PS4 padhack options

Does the Hori FC4 work on American PS4?

Trying to do research if i should buy one but can’t find anything confirming if it works on american ps4 units.

There is no region lockout on controllers on any Sony console.
Reason you can’t find anything because its a moot point.

Edit: never mind, sorry for necro bump