HORI Fighting Commander 4 for PS3 and PS4

Anyone use this thing for Guilty gear xrd?

Yes, it’s better than the dualshock 4, but it’s still not that great, it’s kind of annoying that the dpad rotates on its own after doing a lot of Volcanic Vipers.

oh well i guess it will do for now untill ps4 fightsticks get abit cheaper.

Padhack or sell that sucker if the pad craps on you.

Yep, that’s been the biggest issue with the Fighting Commander Pro line. The non Pro versions of the 3 didn’t have that.

I have the non-pro as well, but it’s not very comfortable to hold and the dpad is super stiff. The Sega Saturn controller is the best.

I posted this is another thread which I guess it was the wrong one, the commander 4 is up for pre order more on Amazon for the states

Got a chance to try this out recently. This should be banned in tournaments, it is possible to cheat with it. Dunno how many people have actually bothered with this, but a friend had it and I was like hey lemme fiddle with it. Basically you can adjust it it like gives you leeway to block things with out blocking them while still doing shit etc. Anyway umm ya its not really fair… dunno if this has ever been looked into, but its really obvious for certain things you can just take your hand off the pad and there are clear instances of your dude doing things that shouldnt be possible to do.

You’ll definitely have to be a bit more specific on this.
Do what exactly? In what game? On what platform?
Repro steps? Videos?
I’m genuinely curious.

You know its also possible to cheat with a basic wired PS3 controller too right ?

I agree with @FreedomGundam we need more details that that.

I have the Hori Fighting Commander Pro and I got no idea what you are even talking about.
Only thing I can think of is the d-pad getting stuck, in which it self wouldn’t make the game pad banned.

Since I won’t have a stick for a little while, I’ll be using this. I’ll post my thoughts on it soon after

Anyone know if it’s normal to the HFC4 to auto disconnect from the PS4 after a certain amount of time?

I usually wait for matches in the training stage, then, when I went to a match, win or lose, the go back to training, if I don’t press anything for a certain ammount of time the controller disconnects and I need to press PS button again.

Btw, I have the auto controller turn off disabled in the PS4 settings.

I know this is an old thread, but the newer style Fighting Commander has been out for a minute. The one the is more Segaish looking that the first version. Doesn’t have the longer side on the left anymore. Does the dpad on that one work better since it doesn’t have that rotating and other crap on it? Is it a more sturdy dpad because of this? Lemme know. Later!

Actually, the more symmetrical version of the Fighting Commander was already a design that Hori used as the “Fighting Commander 3”, which came out BEFORE the asymmetrical “Fighting Commander 3 Pro” in the PS3 era.
As far as I know (I have the FC3 but never used it much), I don’t recall the D-pad being any better or worse (both in terms of functionality but I can’t say as much for durability) than the one in the version with the rotating D-pad.

Mind you, the design with the rotating D-pad does have an advantage: since the D-pad portion is modular and can be simply unplugged, it’s relatively easy to get replacements from people who have padhacked the controller (assuming they’ve kept the spare modules like I have).

I have found the more Sega-esque HFC (hereafter referred to as SHFC) to be more durable than the asymmetric version (no moving parts around the d-pad to wear out). The rubber membranes for the shoulder buttons and face buttons are interchangeable between the two models. The d-pad membrane sadly is not. I personally have three of the SHFC that I rotate between to avoid wearing any of them out too badly. I wish that the X-Box One versions shell was interchangeable with the PS4 one as the white shell looks pretty slick.

Ok cool. Well I had one of these before and sold it because I was gung-ho on Hitbox and stick but I got one back again off Amazon.com and like it a lot for Tekken 7. I can actually move around with it. Anyway thanks for your input. I’ll see how it holds up. They are only $40 so I guess if it conks out in a couple of months I’ll just pick up another one.

Could be change pad to avoid the issues?