Hori Fighting Commander 4 total overhaul: Brook UFB, microswitches, MLG USB plug



  • I’ve managed to keep the original buttons by just cut the inside,
  • I’ve added the stands and everything fit well,
  • I’ve redone the LEDs players with bigger ones,

I’ll focus on the L/R buttons and need the last connectors.


Testing the last connections between the two boards:

L1/R1 Buttons for a proper contact on the new microswitches. I did something similard for the L2/R2.

Ta-da! I put back the old Dpad for now, more for testing the other buttons.

Now I need to work on the Dpad. Not going to update for a while (maybe a part 1 video about it)


I wanted to say something about trying to keep the original buttons but I didn’t want to discourage you since everything is coming out so well. Good thinking!