Hori Fighting Commander - Switching to pad


So I picked up a Hori Fighting Commander at the local Fry’s store here in socal. Man this thing is AMAZING! I own 4 fight sticks and I’m seriously considering switching to pad. It feels so much better and I have so much more control over Birdie with it. I was thinking to sell 3 and just keep the Hori VLX Hayabusa since it’s kind of a collectors item too. It’s the fighting commander 4 and I like it so much I asked my wife to get me the newer version (BlazBlue edition) for Christmas. I know a lot of people go from pad to stick but have any of you ever gone from stick to pad? Do you regret it at all? Hit me up! L8rz!


Pad has some advantages, mostly for 360 characters with 720 supers, but overall I’d say the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The big problems as I see it:

  • Pad hardware tends to be less reliable and harder to repair. It’s not unusual for hardcore pad players to go through pads at a rate that makes sticks comparably cheaper to own and keep well-maintained

  • There is no guarantee that the pad you love will work with a new console generation. It’s almost 2017 and people are still wishing the Sega Saturn pad would return

  • Your left thumb might end up seriously hating you

Your mileage may vary.


I play a lot of super street fighter 2 on my sega genesis and yeah after a while your thumb really hurts, same with the right thumb too for me. but with stick i can play forever no problem.


The Hori FC is the best pad out there for current gen.
Also, I have a untested theory that if you put the FC in PC mode and hook it to a 360 it’ll work as a 360 controller.
Not sure if that’ll work though.


I have the pad and liked it at first, but it is trash. The D pad starts to lose inputs over time.


I didn’t go from stick 2 pad but it shouldn’t be 2 hard. Hori FC is a solid pad, I don’t think u will find a better one out there right now and it’s a gd price.

Also i have never brought into this whole pad break easily so stick r cheaper in the long run shit not all pads will break easily especially not the Hori FC


Reason I switched to stick.

I save the thumbs for platformers, RPG’s and Action/Adventure now. Although I recently played through Mega Man X on a stick!!!


Honestly many of the new really good SFV players in our area are playing with the stock DS4 pad. After dicking with Hori pad since SF5 dropped I just stopped using the Hori and started using the DS4. It took a week but now I’m doing better with the stock pad than I was with the Hori


Well screw this post because I’ve switched to Hitbox. It’s a superior control system compared to all of them IMHO. But that’s just what I’m comfortable with.