Hori Fighting Edge (360) Button Placement


Hey, I was wondering what was with the placement of the buttons on the Hori Fighting Edge for the 360. I noticed B, X, and Y are on top while the A button is on the bottom. The arcade stick I’m using now (Madcatz TE:S) has X and Y on top, while A and B are on the bottom. I’m looking to get a new arcade stick and the Fighting Edge really caught my eye, but this has thrown me off. Is there a specific reason the buttons are like this? Will it be annoying to configure this each time I want to play a new fighting game? I also noticed the Razer Atrox Fight stick has the same button placement and I’d like to know why these companies chose to do this.


There are a number of reasons why the default button layouts are different, but if it bothers you that much then you can simply open up the stick and swap the quick disconnects around.

However the majority of fighting games will have several arcade stick configurations in-game if you go to the options menu.


Can you elaborate on why the default button layouts are different? I’m just really curious.


Anything ranging from licencing issues to what a company thinks should be the ‘one twue’ layout. For instance compare the HRAP1, Sammy Guilty Gear, Sega VSHG, and Mayflash.


Thanks for the information. Do you recommend the Fighting Edge?


IMO not really - it’s too gimmicky, the first 4 buttons can’t be re-mapped on the fly like you can with the PS3 version, difficult to dual mod the start & select buttons thanks to the touch screen, and currently the only way to get replacement stock parts for it is to send it back to Hori.

But if you like it then get it.


What would you recommend? Madcatz seems to be out of stock on their official store. I play on PC primarily. I’d love to get the ps3 version of the fighting edge, but I’m concerned it won’t work on my PC without some 3rd party software.


I have not seen any reports of the PS3 Fighting Edge not working on PC.

The only sticks I would personally recommend are the Razer Atrox, MadCatz 360 TE Round 2 / Soul Edition, and modified Dreamcast Agetec. This is my opinion, but you did ask.

Or just get any decent Playstation stick and use a PS2>USB adapter. That will be a fraction of the price of a new Fighting Edge.


What makes the Atrox stand out above others? Also can you provide a link to an official site that sells the MadCatz 360 TE Round 2? So far I’ve only found sites like Amazon selling them.


For me the Atrox is simply the best factory made stick made so far. Modular USB cable, easily modded, good wiring, and when attending tournaments you can use it like a handbag to keep your sex toys in.

You are unlikely to find the TE Round 2 new, I mentioned it because you asked what I would recommend. Use eBay or similar trading websites / shops.


Alright thanks for all the help man. I’m going to look into this Atrox stick.