Hori Fighting Edge for PS3 or XBOX360



I’m looking to get a stick and I’ve settled for the Hori Fighting Edge only because it has the most palm rest space, but i’m not sure which version would be best compatible for PC: PS3 or XBOX360. Does someone know or have that stick and can say it works without problems for their PC?



Generally, 360 sticks are more likely to play nice with pc games. Also, if for some reason you wanted to add ps3 support down the line, there are easier and cheaper options for dual modding it.


I would second the 360 FE. You can quad mod it with a PowerA Xbox One Mini Controller and Toodles IMP for ~$50. The PowerA controller forces DirectInput if you hold Start + Select (coincidentally, the default switch for the IMP as well) and works on both PS3 and PS4 (in compatibility mode).

As for having wrist space, the FE is kind of the halfway point between sticks like the old HRAPs/TE and the VSHG. You have enough room so that your wrists aren’t resting on the edge of the chassis itself like on the VSHG, but you don’t have enough room (or at least, I don’t) to lay my wrists completely flat. So you end up kind resting your wrists on the edge of the panel, right above where the plexi ends and the chassis slopes down. It’s a nice layout, and if nothing else, it’s unique.