Hori Fighting Edge for ps4?

Hay guys after a long hiatus from fighting games my spark is back & am trying to train for competitive competition soon . But in order to be the best i have to train with arcade sticks so i was looking around at different sticks & the Hori fighting edge stick instantly caught my eye . I was woundering is Hori gonna make a brand new fighting stick to cross wit both PS3 & PS 4 since i just got a PS4 not to long ago . Or are they gonna do a patch update to make it compatible with both consoles ?

Hori already has a PS4 arcade stick.
It is called the Hrap V4 Pro

They been out in Japan for a while now, and I think they just had there US release

Here is the link for it on Amazon

Almost a one year bump I know, but it would be pretty nice to have a ps4 version of it since I don’t really like the hrap4 outside of the vlx one, but $300 :’( honestly the best case I’ve played on to the point where I bought both the 360 and ps3 versions.

You can always get yours modded