Hori Fighting Edge or Eightarc Fusion Synthesis

Hi, I am having a difficult time deciding which fightstick to get. I Want the Hori fighting edge, because it looks so nice and etc. but its not dual modded, I also play on PC so I have no clue whether to get the ps3 or xbox360 version
(for tournaments).
On the other hand the tri modded Fusion is very tempting. That is probably the only thing I like about the stick other than the sanwa parts and it being smaller. I really just want to know if having it tri modded is really that important, and how good both stick are in general, and if the Hori buttons are good or not. And if I get the Fighting Edge, Whether it should be ps3 or xbox (both work for PC)

The Eightarc Fusion Synthesis:

Tri Modded
Sanwa Parts
Smaller size

Joystick and buttons close together
No Handles
USB chord on the left of the stick

The Hori Fighting Edge:

LED Lights
Handles on sides
Tournament mode

Hori Parts
Difficult to mod
Xbox Version has odd buttons layout (supposedly)

Thank you, and I appreciate your time. :slight_smile:

Thank you for not following the rules and reading the stickies first.
All the information we have is on the following thread

I read that thread, I just Wanted to compare these 2 stick specifically and I Didnt even see much about these specific sticks on the forum.

The Hori parts that come in the Fighting edge is not the usual Hori Knock offs, but more closer to Hori’s answer to Sanwa and Seimitsu parts.
It is a shame too they do not sell the parts separately at all.

If you ask me, I say get neither of those sticks and get the Mad Catz TE series stick instead, but thats my opinion.

I personally would get the eightarc, just because it’s dual modded compared to the FE right out of the box. And it’s smaller too. Same size as a TE but a bit heavier. Plus it has a better design if you’re into minimalism like myself.

Being Dual-moded out of the box also have its disadvantages.

Go for Razer one and dual mod it!

I agree…

The Qanba and Eightarc joysticks PCB’s are notorious for their high failure right.
They have cheaply made bootleg PCB’s.
In another threader, a guy who has a regular second-job modding joysticks at tournaments said that the Qanba joysticks were the least reliable joysticks he encountered. He was fixing or replacing PCB’s in more of those than any other joysticks because of the poor build quality.

You are better off buying a licensed 360 joystick from either Hori or Mad Catz if you MUST have dual-system compatibility and then buying an add-on third party RELIABLE PCB like the Cerberus.
The Hori and Mad Catz joysticks still aren’t beaten by other mass-produced joysticks for reliability and PCB quality. The two brands are basically equal now in build-quality. It’s a matter of whose styling you like better OR which brand is easier to find and have shipped to you.

Get neither. step up to a Madcatz VS or the hori SCV style stick and get a cerberus.

Hori SCV stick is my absolute favorite. The build quality and astro layout is greatness LOL.

Honestly though with the great solutions for dual modding this community has come up with. A dual mod stick should not hold any weight over a single system stick.

Thanks for the replies

Since someone mentioned the Razer Atrox, how is that stick? I haven’t looked into it.

Read the Razer stick thread.

Anyone know whether or not im better off getting an xbox 360 or ps3 version of a fightstick. Again, i play on pc so it honestly doesn’t matter to me

For the most part it does not matter.
I avoid older Round 1 and Round 2 PS3 TEs as they have issues with some hardware but thats about it.

If you ever care about dual modding in the future. Depending on your skills an xbox 360 stick may benefit you more.

If you get an xbox 360 fightstick you have the cerberus, cthulhu, and other user friendly easy dual moddable boards to use.

If you get a ps3 fightstick you have fewer user friendly options to dual mod with even though hacking a madcatz 360 controller is easy peasy but you should get my point.

IF you’re into more than dual modding – meaning you have a collection of retrosystems and would like to have an arcade-class joystick that can be used with a half-dozen or more systems --, you might as well spring for an MC Cthulu. It’s only $5 more than the Cthulu and I’d say it’s more reliable than the PS360+.

Otherwise, the PS3 add-on PCB’s make more sense for a 360 joystick owner rather than trying to go the PS3 plus 360 add-on route.
Dual-modding PS3 joysticks has always been harder and is generally not recommended when a 360 version of a joystick is available.
The reverse engineered 360 PCB’s (Qanba, PS360+) just don’t have a great reliability record from what I’ve been reading online. You are much better off sticking to a LICENSED 360 PCB (Mad Catz, Hori) and then adding on to that with a PS3-class PCB that’s designed to interface with a licensed 360 PCB (Cerberus) or uses a bridge PCB (the Imp) to interface with a third party PS3 PCB (Cthulu/MC Cthulu series).

What it has come down to is, the Razer Atrox or Hori fighting edge. I want the hori fighting edge, but I don’t wanna have issues with it not being able to be dual modded easily at all. And the free bat top with the atrox is very nice, and how easy it is to customize. But i noticed the turbo buttons and xbox button were very close to the joystick, didn’t know if that gets in the way or not. I just want to know if I can get the fighting edge and not have a horrible time trying to replace everything. And yes I have read threads on both fightsticks, but I am completely stumped and can not decide which one to get. Thank you

I really like the FE. and I prefer the Noir layout. But honestly, you aren’t going to go wrong either way. As an addict, if recommend just buying both. But if not that, you’re fine either way.

Have you had any problems with the FE, like buttons or anything like that. and do you have the 360 or ps3 version?

I haven’t had any problems at all. And to answer your second question: yes.

Like I said, I have an addiction.