Hori Fighting Edge

Hori’s newest stick, the FIGHTING EDGE.

What we know so far.
-Available for both PS3 and XBox 360.
-Uses the new Hori parts that they have been developing.
-Available this May at Horistore.com for ¥19,800.

does anyone know if the 2 blue bars on the sides are LED or they just made it glowy on the picture

Probably just the pic.

That looks pretty slick. Didn’t someone kinda make a custom with a similar slim sleek look like that?

These new hori parts… any reports on how good they are?

This thing is beautiful.hoping those are LED’s then I’ll add some clear seimitsus and LED’s to match. don’t care about hori parts if i’m switching them out.

These are new HORI Joystick and Buttons you guys.
Not the old ones you know to not like.

The new stuff is actually cool.

How good is it compared to the good ol sanwa parts? It better be damned good when it’s selling for over $200.

Really digging the stick’s design, just damn sexy!!!
Wonder how the new Hori stick & buttons are though…& this is actually quite exp at 19,800 yen & being a horistore exclusive, importing it would be crazy $$$$

Once the X-box coloured buttons are swapped out that’ll be the nicest pre-made stick on the market.

Dimensions (because I always like to know):

18" x 12"; 7.7 lbs.
475mm x 285mm; 3.5kg

Can someone tell me what the Hell 19,800 yen equates to in dollars?

$242 and some change in U.S. dollars. Change varies on market fluctuations and what not. I really hope those side bars don’t really light up like in the pic. I told myself no more sticks. :frowning:

http://bit.ly/AfnfwY :wink:
~$242 as of today :o

is this the same design as the SCV stick? just unlicensed…

It’s not the same design in the slightest. Yeah, it does use the same Namco Noir cabinet layout that the SCV sticks used, but the design on this Fighting Edge stick is very different. For one, this design is way more angular compared to the plain box look of the SCV stick. For another, look at the top right of the stick. You can see a Xbox 360 Guide button there by itself. At least in that image, there’s no function panel and there’s also no Start button nor Start button cover in the top right.

I’m really curious to see what Hori brought us this time. I’ve always liked their sticks the most of any mass marketed stick, so I’m expecting some hella cool things from this. :tup:

I really like the guide/home button on these, but ouch that price point for Hori parts… especially ones that I don’t even know the quality on is hard to swallow.

Yeah, but if u look closely at the picture, you can see that there’s a rectangular outline on the right side. I wonder what if its a similar SCV start button cover, but it houses the select button & turbo functions as well?

Damn, we need more pictures of this sexy beast!

Also, for those who can’t read it, that stylized Chinese character above the words “FIGHTING STICK” in the bottom left corner of the top panel on this new stick is “刃”,read in Japanese as “やいば”, romanized as “Yaiba” which translates roughly to “Blade”.

Only the people who do not know, do not know. :wgrin:

Quit teasing! What do you know/are authorized to divulge? Have you gotten your hands on one?