HORI Fighting EDGE

I hope you all caught the unveiling of the Fighting EDGE last Wednesday on Level Up’s Wednesday Night Fights!! We’ve opened up this thread to answer any questions you may have regarding the Fighting EDGE. Hit us up with any questions or feedback you may have!!

is the pcb common ground? can you display a picture of the internals yet?

The Fighting Edge looks clean and simplistic but I understood it has alot of flashy features.
Besides the 2 side lights what other features do your new arcade stick have?

Glowy stick?
Remappable buttons on the fly?
Newly designed joystick?
Bigger than TE yet smaller than VLX Premium?
Intuitive handle design carrying over from HrapV’s?
Quality of life improvements all around?


In addition to rumblz’ question;

  1. What will be the warranty policy regarding the stick? Is it the standard warranty or will there be an extended one given that the stick is of an entirely new design?
  2. Is the touch panel a “plug and play” module that can be replaced by users in the event that it fails? Specifically:
    []If not, is there some other method of using start/select functions being added to the stick somewhere?
    ]If it can be replaced, how would one go about getting a replacement? Will Hori be selling replacements? And if so, how much will they cost?
  3. What sort of layout does the stick use? It looks like the NAMCO Noir layout, but I wasn’t certain.
  4. Similar to question 2, what options will be available in the event of the LED strips failing?
  5. Will there be replacement Kuro buttons offered for retail sale?
  6. Will standard Sanwa buttons fit in place of the stock buttons? Primary reason for asking, the mandated color scheme of the Xbox 360 version pretty much ruins the sleek look.
  7. Will replacement Hayabusa sticks be offered for retail?
  8. Will a carrying case be offered? If so, are there any pictures available, and also, what will be the price?

I noticed it has a plexi on top, would it be easy to swamp out the artwork? I’m planning to leave it as is (it looks really nice and clean), but I’m curious about it. Thanks in advance!

Looks like it will not be practical to get working for both systems due to capacitive touch buttons.

Yeah this could be the most complicated designed stick yet. What with its own button mapping feature.

:eek: This damn thing looks TOO FLY

I was DEF not ready for this

Will you send me one for free?

Can’t blame the guy for trying. Lol.

To the HORI Rep: I think someone already brought up, but can we get some images of the internals?

I’ll be placing my pre-order soon. Gotta wait till after Mother’s Day.

Hori reps posting on SRK have not answered any questions related to modding yet.

Sadly I don’t see this changing…

I’ll let you guys know when I get mine in this weekend.

so jelly

Aside from the LED lights on the side, here is a list of new features found on the Fighting EDGE:
[*]Stick lever and all of the buttons will be using HORI proprietary parts. (developed with top player SAKO and through compiling user/top player feedback from JP and US)

  • HORI Original Stick “Hayabusa” - Utilizes new V-Cut Housing Cam design which allows for faster and smoother input
  • HORI Original Button “Kuro” - Newly improved button
    [*]Touch sensor START, SELECT, Tournament Mode (ON/OFF), and Button Configuration.
  • Tournament Mode - Activated when held down for 3 seconds and turns off all touch sensor button functions.
  • Button Configuration - Activated when held down for 3 seconds and allows for users to remap buttons
     on the arcade stick rather than in the in-game settings.
    []Side LED lights that illuminate in Blue, or flashes Red when the stick receives vibration signals from the console for added visual effects.
    (ie. When receiving damages)
    ]Mat added to the bottom for comfort and to prevent stick from sliding.

Yes the acrylic face plate can be unscrewed and taken off. However as the manufacturer we do not recommend that you take apart the stick due to the fact that it will void the warranty.

Send me one for free and I will dance and sing a review for it. I mean 80’s style like Coco B. Ware. GOOGLE it. lol.

It’s pretty sexy and makes me wish I played on a stick, though I must ask what happens if the LED touch panel stops working? Is it easily replaceable on its own or would something like that require investing in an entirely new stick?

Yup there are a lot of new features on this stick and have been developed from compiling feedback from users and top players from the US and JP. Aside from being able to remap your button layout on the stick and not through the in-game settings, your reconfigured buttons are saved within the stick so that you can plug and play without having to reconfigure your buttons each time. Definitely saves you time at tournaments!!

This product is meant to be used for either the PS3 or the Xbox 360 (not both) and as the manufacturer we do not recommend that you modify your stick due to the fact that it voids your warranty.