HORI Fighting EDGE

But Michael has a Fighting Edge too!
Love the Fighting Edge’s form factor. The wide surface space of the stick accommodates the Noir layout, the proprietary parts aren’t very different to Sanwa IMO…The tension of the spring isn’t as high but the response/throw is definitely shorter.

I was testing to see, but I do remember that you can access the points directly on the main board and not the daughter.

Ive gotten to dual mod both system versions. Was suprised in the differences of getting start and select to work between the two versions. The ps3 ver seemed easier.

Hmm seems like I even have a pic on my phone of the ps3 pcb with the wires soldered at the spots so I know what goes where. I think its missing the location of the resistor so the leds dont burn out.

spill the spaghetti gummo, i need the points

I also benefit from what mr mortified learns of so I can have him tinker with my FE :smiley:

I’m too nice to you guys. Here’s how to get start/select for the PS3 FE. 360 version should be different since if I recall correctly the signals for start/back are inverted and there’s transistors on the pcb that you can tap so you don’t have to add any inverting circuits.

Whats not shown in the picture is a resistor I added on the 5v line that is labeled in orange. Cut the wire for that pin and solder one leg of a resistor to the wire and the other leg of the resistor to the pin. If you don’t do this say goodbye to the blue leds that light up Start/Select (and the one ones for the other two buttons). Oh yeah, I forgot what ohm value I used but something like 100ohm should do, so don’t ask me and don’t blame me if you kill your leds. You’ve been warned.


If I had a 360 FE on hand I could show how to get start/back on it. Maybe if someone were to get their 360 FE dual modded by me…

I have a whole mess of variying types of resistors. I’ll just work my way down in terms of resistance

you guys are way too fancy. 8 big buttons and a joystick is enough for me. wireless isn’t needed but pleased.

wireless is trash.

that isn’t what you say when you get a black eye by trippinng over a cable/wire onto wooden floor

Pretty much anyone on these forums would still say it’s trash. We don’t like delay around here, regardless of black eyes, broken legs, or bad colons.

What I meant in my original post is I don’t need anything fancy but wireless that doesn’t lag, which it does sadly, so when I said “but pleased” I meant if it works well.


Im thinking of buying one… but can you replace the ball top for a bat top on that stick and is it possible to replace the spring for a harder one?

Yes, though the spring within it is pretty sturdy. The shaft is tall, so the bat top may or may not be comfortable with you that way. For me, personally, I felt it was a bit tall but it was easy getting used to. Though, as with most sticks, if you remove the panel you void warranty… blah blah blah. The inside is pretty clean. The spring replacement may be a pain, but if you have what it takes to remove the C-clamp with ease, you’re in the clear. :smiley:

A few questions to Fighting Edge owners :

  • What do you think of the kuro buttons ?
  • Whatever you like them or not, do they feel a lot different from the sanwa ones ? (I’m a 360 player, if I buy the stick, I’ll have to remove the f… f… fully colored buttons… hence the question)
  • More important, can you set an octogonal gate on the hayabusa stick ? I really hate square gates… >_<

Thx in advance. :slight_smile:

I doubt an octagonal gate is going to fit on the Hayabusa without modding… It’s a brand new stick and Hori would have to make an octogate special for it. The JLF octogate MIGHT be moddable to fit but nobody can say until someone actually does a test fit.

If you really hate square gates that much, you can always swap a JLF into the FE case or go with one of the Seimitsu joysticks that accepts an octogate (LS-55/-56/-58). Those would be sure to work and at least you wouldn’t be destroying an octogate and potentially damaging a joystick you could resell online if you hate it that much… People are already parting out Kuro buttons and Hayabusas.

Personally, I wouldn’t part out the Fighting Edge since having an intact used, original parts joystick is preferrable to buying one that’s highly modded and/or has replacement parts. This is NOT like an HRAP 3 SA or HRAP 3 SE where you can easily buy the arcade parts in the original colors/make. (Right now, Hori is only producing Hayabusa/Kuro for the Fighting Edge. They haven’t announced plans to compete openly with Sanwa/Seimitsu and I somehow doubt they will.) That’s if it’s even a consideration that you MIGHT resell the joystick down the line. Many collectors want original equipment.

My own personal question –
Christmas funds/gift monies are limited –

Personal choice on which joystick you would go with based on personal experiences –
Fighting Edge or the Hori VLX (Diamond)?

I pretty much think the VLX will be more limited… Expecting the FE will probably still be available next year unless Hori announces next month they’re stopping production…

While I do love the FE, the VLX is probably the best feeling setup I’ve used. I DO prefer the noir layout, but with the last two VLX buttons plugged, it’s no problem for me. I’d definitely go with the diamond.

I think I’m leaning towards the VLX myself…

I skipped the first one because I wasn’t crazy about the super-size and color but for some reason the blue stick looks very nice to me! Only thing I’d change would be the joystick… I’m not a JLF fan. Fortunately, I can get the replacement parts I want in the US now.